What Are Drinking Water Filters and How Do You Use Them?

Our water supply originates in the form of rain. It falls from the sky, becoming part of the earth in oceans, streams, and lakes, and is absorbed into land, settling in the water underground. Through this process it absorbs many minerals that are essential to human life. Unfortunately, it also absorbs many harmful contaminants. While some of the contaminants have natural sources, most are chemicals introduced into the water and air by humans. Some are introduced through the products we use, manufacturing, and farming. Most are put into the water through water treatment plants as a means to disinfect and clean the water. This makes truly natural water a rarity.

Filtration systems are a way to get the water that enters our home as close to its safe and natural state as possible. The simplest and most effective way is the carbon water filter, according to HeartSpring.net. These carbon filters are made from coconut husks and absorb the contaminants from your drinking water as it passes through. They are easy to install and will filter out all the major contaminants that are still left in your drinking water after it is treated by your water treatment facility. These filters still allow the minerals that are essential to your health through, however.

To use drinking water filters you simply install them on your water faucets, either on the countertop or below. The water from the faucet is first pulled through the filtration system and then back out of the spout. Aquasana manufacturers the best filtration systems on the market. Their systems not only use carbon filters but ion exchange, where lead is exchanged with potassium ions that enhance the pH of the water. They also use sub-micron filtration, which removes cysts from your water.

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