Do I Need a High Quality Water Filter or is a Water Softener Enough?

Many people are under the misconception that their water is perfectly safe and clean simply because they are using a water softener to clean their water. This is an unfortunate misunderstanding. Although a water softener may help to make your drinking water taste better, it does not make it a cleaner or safer drink. Using a water softener instead of a high quality water filter will not give you the cleaner water that you want to for drinking, cooking or taking showers.

Water softeners work somewhat like a chemical magnet. Water is forced through a bed filled with beads that are covered with sodium ions. The calcium and other chemicals that make water “hard” then exchange their ions with the positively charged sodium ions. When this happens, the calcium is no longer in the water, preventing those horrible rings in your bathtub and the nasty taste of hard water. However, all the water softener has done is remove calcium from your water and replace it with salt. This water is no safer than hard tap water.

A high quality water filter does more than remove the calcium from your drinking water. When your drinking water is run through a high quality water filter such as those made by Aquasana, you are getting water that is free from chemical contaminants. Chlorine and other chemicals that are left in the water by a water softener are swept away when you use a high quality water filter.

Additionally, the water softener removes nearly all the calcium from your water. Although too much calcium makes the water hard, a bit of calcium in your water benefits your body. By using a high quality water filter such as those made by Aquasana, you are removing the chemicals which will harm your body without disturbing the minerals which help your body. A water softener is clearly the wrong choice for providing your house with clean, healthy drinking water. A high quality water filter such as those made by Aquasana will give healthier, cleaner water.

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