Is Reverse Osmosis Effective at Filtering Pharmaceutical Drug Drinking Water Contamination?

How clean do you think your drinking water is? It is easy to assume that your water can’t be too bad. It doesn’t smell like rotten eggs or taste bitter. It doesn’t look rusty. The contaminants that you should be worried about, however, do not make your water smell, taste, or look bad. Water contaminants can include anything from runoff from agriculture to pharmaceutical drugs used to treat just about anything.

An Associated Press article revealed the disturbing truth that pharmaceutical drugs are in the local drinking water of most communities. This study found pharmaceutical drugs in drinking water that supplies at least 41 million people. They surveyed 24 major metropolitan cities and found this form of water contamination in every one of them. Pharmaceutical drug drinking water contamination can have drugs like antibiotics, sex hormones, and anti-convulsants. These types of drugs were found in tap water even before the AP’s report in 2008. The report put a spotlight on this serious water contamination issue that should be of concern to all citizens and certainly to parents concerned about providing healthy drinking water to their children.

The AP report opened many people’s eyes to the dangers that could be in a family’s drinking water. The use of various kinds of water filters, including reverse osmosis filters, and turning to bottled water have become very popular ways to avoid the problems of drinking water contamination.

A monthly journal called Environmental Health Perspectives reported that around 100 pharmaceuticals have been discovered in rivers, lakes, and oceans. Water contamination does not just affect families in the United States but also in Europe. MSNBC reported on a study that found a wide variety of pharmaceutical drugs in Philadelphia’s drinking water. They reported 56 traces of not only human drugs but also drugs used in the veterinary field. The drugs found were made to treat pain, infections, high cholesterol, asthma, epilepsy, mental illnesses, and heart problems.

When pharmaceutical drugs are improperly disposed of through flushing them down the toilet, they eventually enter the public water supply. Most water treatment suppliers are not completely able to remove the drugs from the water supply. In other words, the tap water you and your children drink straight from the faucet could be contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs. Even if you throw the remaining pills out with the rest of the garbage, that garbage still finds its way into the soil. Over time, the drugs will seep into the soil and groundwater, making their way to the drinking water supply.

Trying to find the best system to remove these kinds of contaminants is not hard. It is important to note, however, that reverse osmosis devices are not effective systems when it comes to removing pharmaceutical drug drinking water contamination. Reverse osmosis water filters are designed to remove contaminants bigger than a molecule of water. When pharmaceutical drugs are dissolved in water, they weigh less than a molecule of water. The design of a reverse osmosis system will miss these drugs when filtering drinking water. You could be unintentionally giving your children water that has drugs in it even after investing in a water filter system if the design is not efficient at stopping the most common and troubling types of water contamination that might be in your water. Reverse osmosis uses pressure from water to remove contaminants from the drinking water. They are ineffective because they aren’t activated carbon filtration devices.

Aquasana uses activated carbon filtration devices to pick up different contaminants, including pharmaceutical drugs. Carbon filters are different from reverse osmosis devices because they are able to remove very small contaminants. Not only can carbon filters remove pharmaceutical drugs but also herbicides and pesticides that reverse osmosis systems cannot detect. Aquasana has every type of filter that you could need, from shower head to whole house water filters. That is why Aquasana is a reliable partner for you and your family in making sure the water you drink is safe, clean, healthy, and tastes good as well. By working with a reliable water filtration partner like Aquasana, you can sort out what is the best type of water filter system for your family.

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  1. Erik Stuke February 2nd, 2014 11:03 pm

    just looking for the best filtration system “without busting the piggy” for drinking water only, for fluoride, pharmaceuticals and the like.Was looking at (RO),yet after reading this may seek alternatives.Any recommendations??

  2. Victoria February 3rd, 2014 2:29 pm

    Thanks for your question! We’ll be sending you an email shortly to connect you with a water specialist.

  3. Vicki February 12th, 2014 7:22 pm

    Would love to speak with a water specialist to determine the right filtration system to meet my needs… Thanks!!!

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