SEO Bot Strikes Again

Ever read a blog that makes your head hurt? Bad grammar, incorrect word usage, terrible spelling and strange sentence structure are just some of the many errors that pop up in blogs that make you think, “How was this ever written by a human being?” Well, maybe it wasn’t.

Some writers and website content managers rely on bots, for example, to stuff blog posts full of SEO keywords that thoroughly trash any editorial or informational value the post might otherwise have had. Such posts are often repetitive (to pump up those SEO numbers), nonsensical and sometimes downright offensive. As avid bloggers and retailers, we get our fair share of blog notices that contain many of the capital blogging sins, and I’d like to share one shining example:

According to this blog post, The Aquasana shower filters have a wealth of hitherto unknown qualities, capabilities and commendations:

“Pure smoke removal.” (Our filters do not now, nor have they ever, removed smoke from shower water. Nor do we recommend that you smoke in the shower.)Not to mention the filter, chlorine, which canallergic reactions.” (Our filter is not made of chlorine, it reduces chlorine, and I’m not sure what exactly a “canallergic reaction” is.)

“Aquasana filter reduces chemicals and synthetic because of a carbonized coconut shell.” (We actually use coconut shell carbon, which is slightly different than “carbonized coconut shell.”)

It is not in vain as the Niagara ‘head.’” (Not sure what exactly is not in vain, and not sure how we compare to the Niagara “head.”)

“Even Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Oprah WinfreyHunger “prescribed” a shower filter his television audience.” (Um, what is an Oprah WinfreyHunger? And how does it describe Dr. Oz?)

“And many experts have specifically recommended the years Aquasana shower filter, including the Consumer Digest Magazine, which rated a “Best Buy” and cosmetology today, the name IT products.” (We are not, have never been and never plan to be an IT product of any size, shape, style or color.)

“If you are after a simple shower filter or if your best, you get rid of the chlorine exposure, the filter actually works.” (I am so glad the filter “actually works”. We would not sell bogus products!)

Hope we made you laugh. Happy holidays!

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  1. Aquasana July 8th, 2011 9:59 am

    We approved this comment with a most delicious sense of irony. Happy Friday!

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