Great Gift Ideas for Under $20

It’s that time of year again when gift giving abounds.  Gift exchanges and gestures of appreciation can really start to add up when you consider purchasing gifts for party hosts and hostesses, neighbors, teachers, coaches and babysitters.  To make things a little easier we’ve come up with some super easy, gift ideas for everyone on your list using our Aquasana refillable glass water bottles. Create the perfect gift by filling our glass water bottles with thoughtful treats for a present they will enjoy this holiday season and a reusable bottle they will love year round!

Gifts for the Host/Hostess

Going to a few holiday parties or get-togethers this year?  It’s always appropriate to take a gift for the host or hostess.  Fill an Aquasana glass water bottle with one of the following for a gift that is sure to be unique and appreciated.

  • Premium loose leaf tea in a relaxing or fragrant blend.  Tie a tea infuser around the Aquasana lid with a festive bow and a hand-made tag that identifies the name and flavor of the tea.
  • Gourmet coffee beans for the coffee-lover.  Choose a tasty holiday or dessert blend, add a bow and a gift tag.

Gifts for the Teacher

It’s always nice to show your appreciation to the dedicated teachers that make an impact on our family’s lives.  For a fun and festive “thanks for all you do,” fill an Aquasana glass water bottle with one of the following goodies: Jelly Bellies, home-made hot cocoa mix, red and white peppermint candies, mini individually wrapped chocolates. Add a note of appreciation and some ribbon and you’ve got a quick, thoughtful gift that will stand out amongst all the candles and coffee mugs.


Gifts for the Coach

A refillable Aquasana glass water bottle is perfect for the coach!  Fill one with a healthy snack such as trail mix or almonds.  Add a stopwatch or whistle with a ribbon and a note and you have a season win!


Gifts for the Babysitter

Show your appreciation for all those times they were there when you needed them.  Fill an Aquasana glass water bottle with their favorite treat such as Jelly Bellies, chocolates, bubble gum or home-made goodies.  Add a gift card or movie passes and you’ve got an awesome way to say “you’re the best.”


Gifts for the Neighbors

Don’t be caught empty-handed when neighbors stop by with holiday cheer and goodies.  Fill some Aquasana water bottles with gourmet coffee, mini-chocolates, snack mix or peppermints.  Top with a bow and a festive ornament for the best gift on the block.


Gifts for the Dog

Whether it’s your favorite canine friend or your friend fond of canines, an Aquasana glass water bottle filled with treats for Fido is sure to delight!  Make your own delicious treats at home or fill with a special store-bought goodie.  Add a bright colored collar around the top of the water bottle and you’ve got a guaranteed tail-wagger!


Make sure you have Aquasana refillable glass water bottles on hand this holiday season to make gift -giving a joy.  It’s not too late to stock up! From now until December 24th, all of our glass bottles come with gift tags especially made for you to share with friends!


A Toast to the Ice Cube!

One of the most important, yet often overlooked ingredient in any beverage is the ice cube. It can take a glass of water from ordinary to outstanding, iced tea from delicious to divine. The size, shape and taste of ice are all important factors when creating the perfect beverage.

So what is the perfect ice cube? Here at Aquasana, we think the best ice cubes are crystal clear and made from pure, clean, chemical-free Aquasana filtered water. Undesirable cloudiness in ice cubes occurs when the water contains dissolved solids and minerals and freezes too quickly. Give boring ice cubes the cold shoulder with these great tips:

Use Aquasana Ice: For beautiful, crystal clear ice cubes, start with Aquasana filtered water. Boil water for 2-3 minutes to remove air bubbles, then pour into ice cube trays. Cover trays with a piece of parchment paper and put in freezer. The hot water and parchment keep the cubes from freezing too quickly.

Once you have mastered the crystal clear ice cube, try jazzing them up to create a delicious, and visually impressive iced beverage perfect for entertaining guests. Half the fun is experimenting with interesting beverage and ice pairings.

Here are some tasty combinations to try:

Aquasana Filtered Water with Aquasana Lemon or Mint Ice Cubes:

To make lemon ice cubes, prepare crystal clear ice cubes and add slices of fresh lemon, lime or mint to the ice cube trays before freezing.

Aquasana Lemonade with Strawberry Mint Ice Cubes:

To prepare ice cubes: Put a mint leaf in the bottom of each ice cube section. Top with blended frozen strawberries, pack down to form compact cubes and freeze. Prepare your favorite lemonade with Aquasana filtered water. Serve lemonade over strawberry mint ice cubes—delicious!

Aquasana Iced Tea and Lemonade Ice Cubes:
Freeze lemonade in ice cube trays. Pour your favorite Iced Tea, made with Aquasana filtered water, over frozen lemonade cubes.

Make up your own combinations–the possibilities are endless!

From all of us at Aquasana, we hope you have a fun-filled, happy, healthy holiday!


Tis the Season to Get Organized!

As the holiday season quickly approaches it’s easy to get overwhelmed  with the ever increasing demands on our time.  Holiday entertaining, events, gift-giving and charitable activities easily add up to a hectic, stress-filled holiday season.

This holiday, get your game on.  With a little planning and organization your holiday season can be all joy!  Here are a few of our favorite tips and ideas for making the most of the next few weeks.

This weekend get a game plan for your Thanksgiving activities.  If you are hosting a celebration, use this time to complete your shopping and prepare your home for the holiday.  If possible, plan for make-ahead items to lighten the load on Thanksgiving Day.

Entertaining IdeasFill ice cube trays with Aquasana filtered water for delicious drinks.  Add lemon slices to ice cube trays for a refreshing addition to water and ice tea or make a citrus mint flavored water to compliment your meal:  Combine 3 sliced oranges and 10 mint leaves in one gallon of Aquasana filtered water.  Chill for 30 minutes before serving.

While you are recovering  from the holiday feast, make a list of all the holiday gift giving you would like to do.  Most importantly, identify those gifts that need to be given before the holiday to teachers, coaches, colleagues and holiday gift exchanges. With a little planning you can tackle these all at once and have them ready to go when needed.

Gift Idea: Stock up on Aquasana glass water bottles this weekend. Fill an Aquasana reusable glass water bottle with a holiday treat such as, gourmet coffee, tea, trail mix or pet treats.  Add a festive bow and gift tag.  Voilà! You have a fabulous, eco-conscious gift that will be appreciated and enjoyed throughout the year.

The weekend after Thanksgiving is the perfect time to take a few moments to plan out the remainder of the year.  You have six weekends before year end so make the most of them!  Make a list of all your commitments and plans and organize your schedule for the next few weeks.  If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to make reservations and purchase tickets for dining and entertainment in December.

With a little planning you can roll effortlessly through the holiday season.  Most importantly, stay hydrated, relax and remember….you can do this!

Purely Water | Team Derek

Glass bottle silicone sleeveToday marks day 12 of drinking nothing but Aquasana filtered water, and I have to say, it has been quite a challenge indeed. Last week was rough. Starting the day without my morning cup of jo – rough. No relief for my mid-afternoon crash at work – rough. And forget about that evening or weekend libation – tough.

Now we are on week two of the Water Challenge here at the Aquasana office and everyone is already adjusting and feeling much better. The biggest change I’ve noticed so far is how well I sleep at night – like a baby! My body’s natural clock has kicked in and now I hit the sack by 10pm and wake up refreshed at 6am. I honestly can’t remember the last time I slept so well. It’s pretty interesting how much I used to rely on caffeine to get me going, but once cut out completely from my diet, I realize it’s really not a necessity at all.

In summary, I’m feeling great after just 12 days, so I know once I hit 21 days I’ll noticing other great benefits of healthy hydration. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely looking forward to week three of the water challenge. How is everyone else feeling out there?

Going On Green | Team Todd


You don’t have to take the 21 day filtered-water challenge to enjoy the savings. The offers end on 9/28/2012.


We’re starting to feel the clean energy you get from drinking nothing but water and green juices. The benefits kick in shortly after you start drinking your favorite blend of green juices from cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, parsley, wheatgrass, and other greens. Green juices extend their benefits all day as you digest them and absorb the nutrients your body needs. Unlike commonly used morning stimulants, green juices won’t leave you with a energy crash.


“I could just use a cup of coffee sometimes.” was recently overheard in the Team Todd camp. The first few days without caffeine can be difficult, but by the third day it’s easier to wake up, easier to get moving, easier to go to sleep, and easier to stay asleep all night. The ups are nice, but the downs are costly. The best thing for your body is to maintain a steady energy level throughout the day.

21 Day Filtered-Water Challenge

juiceland love cleanseReady to take the 21Day Filtered Water Challenge with Aquasana?

All you have to do to follow along is:

  • Pick a team to follow (Todd, Mel, or Derek)
  • Calculate how much you should drink daily
  • Choose your favorite way to hit your daily target
  • Share your results with us on Facebook or on this blog

The focus of the challenge is on what we drink, not what we eat. We aren’t going for the full cleanse, although drinking the right amount of fluid everyday will help cleanse your system. You should maintain your own healthy diet, but this challenge will help you avoid common dietary mistakes like drinking calories and dehydration.

Pick a team

Picking a team is simple. We’ll all be drinking mostly water, but two of the three teams have added a healthy option that will count towards your daily fluid intake. Derek’s team is for the purists out there that only want to drink water for 21 days. Mel’s team adds in decaffeinated green tea to promote weight loss and cardiac health. Todd’s team adds in green juices to bolster overall nutritional intake and to take advantage of the cleansing properties of certain vegetables. So, choose the team that most closely aligns to what you want to do. I’m with Team Todd.

Determine how much you should drink

Now that we’ve all picked a team, we need to set a daily target for fluid intake. We recently published updated information on how much water to drink on a daily basis. It’s not the old 8 8-ounce glasses a day, but there is an easy guideline to start with for your age and gender. Keep in mind that you may need to drink more if you exercise, work outdoors, or spend time in the heat. I’m a 36-year-old male, so I need 125 ounces of water per day from food, green juices, or just plain water.

Decide how to drink the right amount

Now we know what we are going to drink based on our team and we know how much we need to drink based on our age and gender. The final decision is to come up with a plan to drink the right amount every day. If you are on Team Derek, you would give your food a small allowance of water and drink the rest of your daily target in water. For Team Mel and Team Todd, you would do the same except you can count each cup of tea or green juice against your water intake. I’m going to say that my food has about 16 ounces of water per day and I will drink a 24 ounce green juice each day. That leaves 85 ounces of water that I need to drink based on my target of 125 ounces. Now, this doesn’t mean to go chug-a-lug that much water all at once.

Use a clever way to remind yourself to drink continuously throughout the day and steadily reach your target. Find a bottle that you can use to keep yourself on track with water. Figure out how much water the bottle holds in ounces and divide your target by that number. For example, I am using a 27 ounce glass bottle and I need to drink 85 ounces per day. That’s a little over three big bottles of water per day, a 24 ounce green juice and my normal food intake.

Ready, Set, Share

We’ll share if you do. Start your own challenge whenever you are ready. Share your photos and comments with us on our Facebook page or on the comments thread here. We can’t wait to hear from some of our fans!

Why 21 days?

Research shows that it takes just 21 days to form a habit. Training yourself to drink more water every day is one of the most important actions you can make to take charge of your health. So mark your calendar and get excited – you’re about to do your whole body a huge favor!

World Water Day 2012: Water and Food Security

World Water Day is a day we spend each year reflecting on our most precious resource. It gave birth to our ancestors and sustains our lives. We drink it, eat it, dive in it, surf on it, splash it at others, walk in (or avoid walking in) drops of it falling from the sky, shoot it at people, revere it, use it to wash ourselves, use it to wash things, bow to its majesty, and in all other ways rely and depend upon it for our healthy and happy existence on this planet.

Water. Without it, we could not exist. Period.

This year, WWD is about understanding how water related to our food supply. Which products that you eat are water-intensive, and which have a relatively light footprint? We only have a small amount of potable water on Earth, and we use it up more quickly with some processes and activities than others in terms of the food supply. How much water do we waste by throwing it away? Think about buying local vegetables and meats instead of the stuff form big farms: how far does it travel to get to you, how sustainable are their practices, and how much do they pollute their local water sources?

Test your knowledge on how sustainable your food is, and today try to eat food that came from sustainable resources. Make small diet and use changes to help decrease your dependence on water-wasting sources. And take a moment to give thanks to the water that sustains your life and your health every day.

How to Install an Aquasana Under Counter Drinking Filter

So you’ve bought yourself a brand new Aquasana under counter drinking filter system. Congratulations! You’ve taken that first step into a healthier life and a healthier family.

But how do you get the thing from the box into your kitchen?AQ-4601 install kit

Here’s a video that details how to get your new filter installed, followed by written instructions.

Installing the Aquasana under counter filters is really quite simple. Just follow these steps (and be sure to watch the installation video!):

1) Unbox all your parts and make sure you have everything. You should have
• A faucet
• A bracket
• A filter system
• 2 screws
• 2 screw anchors
• A brass T-fitting
• A small brass nut
• A plastic sleeve
• A brass insert
• A silicon o-ring
• A washer
• A large brass nut

In addition to these parts, you may need an adjustable wrench, a drill and Teflon tape (none of which is included) for installation.

2) Take the small brass nut and run it onto the orange line, threads pointing toward the open end of the line. Run the plastic sleeve down the orange line. Put the brass insert into the end of the orange line and press in firmly. Pull the plastic sleeve up to the end of the orange line, and then pull the brass nut up as well.

3) Thread the O-ring onto all three water lines and push it up against the bottom of the faucet. Thread all three water lines into the hole in your sink, and firmly seat the faucet, making sure the O-ring is inside the channel under the faucet.

4) Thread the washer onto all three water lines under the sink, and run it as far up the line as it will go. Thread the large brass nut onto all three lines, and screw it into the underside of the faucet. Tighten the nut.

5) Turn off the cold water line (usually on the right). Unscrew the cold water line, and screw in the brass T-fitting. You may find that wrapping the threads with Teflon tape reduces leaking. Tighten the fastenings, but do not over-tighten. Screw in the brass nut on the orange water line to the 90-degree outlet on the brass T-fitting. Tighten, but do not over-tighten.

6) Measure and drill holes in the wall for the bracket, leaving at least ten inches of clearance above the bottom of the cabinet. Insert the screw anchors. Remove the adhesive backing from the bracket, and place the bracket on the wall under your sink. Screw in the screws to secure the bracket to the wall.

7) Hang the filter unit on the bracket. Take the supply lines from the faucet, and insert the blue line into the blue cap and the white line into the white cap, pushing down firmly.

8 ) Turn on the cold water line again, slowly, and check for leaks. You may need to tighten screw connections or put Teflon tape on the threads to eradicate all leaking.

9) Turn on the faucet and flush the filter; the water will sputter at first. Run the water for 10 minutes to prime the filter cartridges, and then you’re ready to drink clean, fresh water!

If you experience difficulties, please give our customer service line a call. They are happy to answer any questions you have about your new filter, and troubleshoot the installation process: 866.662.6885.

6 great reasons to filter your drinking water

1. You’ll drink more water: It’s easier to drink filtered than unfiltered water. Unfiltered water often tastes kind of funny,drink more water when you filter your water depending on where you live and what your water source is. So you drink soda or bottled water (which we will discuss in a minute), or possibly turn to tea and coffee as an alternative. Filtering does two things: it removes contamination that makes your water taste funny and maintains the healthy minerals (calcium, potassium and magnesium) that your body craves along with its water. If you’ve ever tasted distilled water or water from a reverse osmosis system, you may notice that it tastes kind of flat. Drab. Almost dry. That’s the lack of minerals. Often drinking this water fails to quench your thirst, so even if you’re full, you still have a craving for something wet. Why do people turn to sports drinks and soda? They both contain minerals your body needs—that’s both their value proposition and the mechanism that satisfies your thirst when you drink. By drinking filtered water that maintains healthy minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium, you feel more satisfied and less thirsty, and won’t hanker so much for a soda, either.

2. Your water will be cleaner: Filtration gets rid of the majority of your water’s contamination while preserving the healthy minerals that hydrate you better and relieve thirst better than some of your other options. Tap water is all right: It generally contains all the minerals in it you need, along with a good dose of contamination that you don’t. Some cities are better than others—get your local water report to learn where your city ranks—but even after treatment, the city pipes and water delivery system most likely contains some kind of contamination that gets back into the water before it gets to you. Heck, the pipes in your house are probably not all that clean, either! To be sure, a point-of-use system that attaches to your faucet goes a long way to easing your mind about the quality of water you consume.

3. You’ll have more control: Filtration gives you more control and insight into what’s in your water. It’s just always better to KNOW what you’re eating or drinking. Look no further than the spate of governmental rules and regulations food and beverage manufacturers must comply with to see that not only is it good to know what’s in there, but you have the legal right to know what’s in there. Filtering your own water once it enters your house offers a fine level of control over the quality of your drinking, cooking and bathing water.

4. It’s convenient: Really, what all the above reasons amount to is a higher level of convenience in your life. One more thing you don’t have to worry about, you don’t have to think about or wonder when you’re shopping in the grocery store. “Do I need to stock up on bottled water? Oh, no—I have better at home!”

5. It’s cheaper: Filtering is cheaper than bottled water by a mile. It’s even cheaper than pitcher filters. With Aquasana drinking filters specifically, you get almost twice as much bang for your buck than many pitcher filters, and over thirty times more than from bottled water. If you’re looking to save money in 2012, quitting the bottled water habit and choosing to filter is a long step in the right direction.

Filtering your water versus pitcher filter versus bottled water

6. It’s green/sustainable: Going along with cheaper, filtering is also a very sustainable method of treating your water. Reverse osmosis wastes quite a bit of water, especially as a household solution (as opposed to a larger scale operation). Basically, you get a bit of clean water, but concentrate the contaminated water and send it back into the environment. Distillation requires electricity and also wastes water. Bottled water, aside from its health concerns, fills landfills with tons of plastic waste each day. Most bottles are not recycled (up to 80% are simply tossed in the garbage), despite their eligibility for recycling, and end up clogging rivers and land when they’re not actually disposed of “properly” in a landfill. Filtering can remove up to 4,000 bottles a year from landfills. Also, filtering is removing contamination from water—meaning less ambient contamination in general (not just for your drinking pleasure). And carbon—the chief material used in filtration—is good for the environment even once you’re done with using it to filter your water.

Have another great reason to filter your water? Let us know in the comments!

8 DIY holiday ornaments and gifts

Time is running short on the holiday season. Are you done with your decorating and shopping? If not, here are some quick DIY ornaments and gifts you can make. They’re fun, they’re mostly quick, and you’ll appreciate them for years to come.

Have some fun DIY ornament and gift ideas? Tell us your favorite thing to make this time of year in the comments!

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