Do I Drink Too Much Water?

If you notice that you are going through three liters of water at work alone, you may think that you are drinking too much water, but you are nowhere near a level that is dangerous to your health. It’s great that you are drinking a generous amount of water throughout the work day. Staying hydrated at work is one of the best things you can do for your health.

There is no recommended daily allowance (RDA) for water, but there is an adequate intake level (AI). For example, the AI for women is approximately 2.2 liters, which is more than the eight 8-ounce glasses that many health experts recommend. Whether you decide to drink the 2.2 liters or eight glasses, you will be making an excellent decision regarding your health.

The amount of water you need to drink every day is very individualized due to how much physical activity you do on a daily basis, or how hot it is where you live, but there are five easy tips to follow in order to make sure you’re getting the right amount of water for you.

1. Avoid being thirsty!

You feel thirsty for a reason. It’s your body’s way of telling you that you need more water to function properly and avoid being dehydrated. Don’t ignore it. Research from as early as the 1960’s tells us that people underestimate the amount of fluid they need to re-hydrate, so it’s always safe to drink a little more than you think you need.

2.  Don’t drink it all at once!

The old trick that says if you drink a glass of water before you eat so you get full faster… doesn’t work. You should also not drink so much water that you feel full. That much water at once is overkill, and the full feeling is telling you so. If you drink too much water in a short period of time, that’s when water toxicity occurs. Spreading out your water over the course of the day is the only good way to keep yourself constantly hydrated.

3.  Aim to wake up feeling hydrated!

Waking up thirsty is a good sign that you aren’t getting enough water during the day, and that you should consume more fluids. Also, pay attention when you step on the scale in the morning. Your weight can fluctuate due to the fact that you aren’t getting enough fluids during the day.

4. Bottle your own!

You are much more likely to drink water if you carry it with you. If you don’t have to go to the vending machine to buy a bottle or wait to get one on your lunch break, you’re more likely to keep yourself hydrated. Also, if you want to avoid all of the waste that comes with drinking bottled water, grab your own reusable bottle and fill it at home.

5. Filter it!

What is one of the best ways to get yourself to drink enough water? Make sure to drink water that is refreshing and tastes good. Installing a drinking water filter in your home is a great way to make sure your water is healthy and delicious! Aquasana drinking water systems are a great way to take out more than 60 contaminants and leave in the good stuff such as magnesium and calcium. Find them at

Live healthy!

Natural Products Expo West Roundup

The Expo was a huge hit! Preparing for the Expo was a ton of work, but our efforts were completely worth the trouble. We met so many lovely people and introduced them to Aquasana and the realities of filtered water, which is always a good thing.


New bottle cap colors

AQ-CAPS new bottle caps


We showed off our new bottle cap colors at the show. Everyone loved choosing their favorite color! The blue seems to be the most popular, then red and green. These will be on sale on our website soon—stay tuned!







Dr. Mao

Dr Mao
Dr. Mao joined us on Saturday afternoon to sign books and advise people on improving their longevity and overall health. There was a line of people waiting before he even got there! We loved hosting Dr. Mao, and will continue to work with him to help spread the word about the importance of filtering water and taking care of yourself.


New booth
Amid much excitement, we debuted our new booth at Expo West. The more streamlined and softer construction brought people in on all sides, and we got a number of compliments! People especially loved the ability to fill up their free glass water bottles (that we provided) with chilled water from the twin Aquasana water chiller taps at the end.





Infused water

Aquasana Infused Water

We supplied samples of yummy infused water concoctions for our new friends. From left to right, we served

1) Lemon, cucumber, rosemary and thyme
2) Strawberry, tangelo and mint
3) Plum and cinnamon

Women tended to like the cucumber/lemon infusion the best, and men generally preferred the orange and strawberry. The plum was tasty, but very subtle, and the plums sink, so it didn’t look as appealing as the other two.



Shout outs
And last but certainly not least, we’d like to send a big, happy shout-out to all of our new friends: Seventh Generation, Dr. Mao, True2o, Rodale News, Evolution Fresh, Bert’s Bees, Tom’s of Maine, Kor bottles, Ciao Bella Gelato and all our new friends!

3 Major Ways to Detox Your Life in 2011

Detoxing your life means more than just losing that holiday weight or nixing the caffeine. It’s a good idea to examine all aspects of your life to uncover places you can cut down on the number of harmful chemicals and contaminants that affect you every day. Here are some places to get the ball rolling.

Filter your water: You know how we feel about this one! I won’t go into all the detail so well covered on the rest of our site, but suffice it to say that filtering both your drinking and bathing water can do wonders for your health and well-being (and peace of mind).

-Did you know that in 2010, one of the top five recommendations of the President’s Cancer Panel for the prevention of environmentally caused cancer is to filter the water you drink? Every water source is different, even in taps from home to home. Variability is driven by local pollutants, water treatment techniques, the age and material composition of the pipes that deliver your water, and the faucet that you use. Even if you have the purest water being delivered to you by your municipal water source, your pipes may leach unwanted contaminants into the water in transport.  Unfiltered tap water can contain harmful contaminants like chlorine, lead, pesticides, herbicides and cysts, and what’s in your water varies by your geographic location and municipal water supply.

Healthy kitchenAudit your cupboard and fridge: That’s right, I said audit. Maybe the looming advent of tax season has my brain going crazy with the term, but there are a few things you might want to take stock of.

-Sodium tri-poly-what? Anything containing an ingredient you cannot pronounce has got to go. I’m not necessarily advocating a return to the hunter/gatherer diet regimen, but it’s a safe bet that all those complex chemical formulas for extending the shelf life of food is not doing a heck of a lot of good for your body.

-Sell by 1997: Whoops! Check your sell-by dates and toss/recycle the stuff that has expired. If it’s just a bit past the date and you feel comfortable eating it, that’s all right: what I’m going for here is to get rid of items that may have been named in an FDA recall sometime in the mid-90s.

-Green/Yellow/Red: Categorize your cabinet and fridge contents into Green, Yellow, and Red categories. Green being healthy: can eat whenever I want; Yellow being okay in moderation; Red being SPECIAL OCCASION ONLY. I’m not a nutrition expert, but I strive for a mix of 50% Green category foods, 35% Yellow, and no more than 15% Red. (Hey, I never said I was perfect!)

Trash harsh chemical cleaning supplies: Some of the airborne toxins and residues of popular cleaning supplies can do more harm than good to you and your families. And my suggestion for an alternative is… vinegar. That’s right, plain and simple old white distilled vinegar, which is natural, non-toxic, and friendly to the Earth. It’s mildly acidic, which allows it to clean effectively and help keep your family healthy and safe. See for 1001 uses for our lovely (inexpensive) friend.

Check your clothing: The word for health these days is organic, and when it comes to clothing, the story is no different.

-Holy cotton! There’s new and trending research out there that states that the pesticides used to grow that cotton that makes it intoorganic clothes our clothing can be deadly. The manufacturing processes add in more chemicals and toxins, and some dyes and ink are also highly toxic.

-Detergent degenerates: And check what you wash your clothes in, too! Those fragrant and ultra-whitening detergents can exacerbate skin conditions like eczema and wreak havoc on people who suffer from allergies, which says nothing about the possible toxins seeping in through your pores. I know some of those organic and non-toxic detergents don’t have the same “get it whiter and brighter” promises that the Big Brands do, but I think I could buy a new blouse a little more often or be more careful if it meant remaining healthy for a few more years.

11 Easy Ways to Drink More Water in 2011

For the start of the New Year, and to help our friends and fans get a great head start on those New Year’s goals, we rounded up 11 expert tips from nationally renowned health & wellness and culinary experts, including bestselling longevity expert Dr. Maoshing Ni, bestselling weight-loss expert Dr. Ann Louie Gittleman, and Chef-to-the-Stars Lulu Powers, whose clients have included Madonna, Will Smith and Bill Clinton.

Read the original release.

If you’re like most people, losing those last few holiday pounds is high on your list of to-dos this month. Fortunately, one of the best diet aids is free, abundant and right at your fingertips: water.

Healthy WaterAccording to research from Virginia Tech, dieters who started each meal with two eight-ounce glasses of water lost an average of five pounds more than those who didn’t. Researchers say this is the first study that provides real evidence that water’s appetite-suppressing benefits translate into actual weight loss.

But you know the saying, “You can lead a horse to water…”

Fortunately, these 11 easy tips from a variety of health and wellness experts are sure to make you drink:

1. To make water taste better, Todd Bartee, the CEO of Aquasana, a leading maker of water filters for the home, recommends using an easy-to-install countertop filter to strip out the chlorine and other chemicals that are put in tap water to disinfect it. Says Bartee, “Once you remove the contaminants, you’re left with the most pure and delicious water you’ve ever tasted. You’ll notice a difference immediately.” Top consumer rating organizations recommend Aquasana’s AQ-4000 counter top filter, which uses a patented process to remove the chlorine, pesticides, lead and other chemicals in tap water.

2. Chef-to-the-stars, Lulu Powers, who just released a new cookbook, Lulu Powers Food to Flowers, recommends adding slices of orange, mint or cucumber to your water to complement meals.

3. Powers also suggests adding specialty ice cubes made from fresh fruits and herbs for an extra hint of flavor and to up the aesthetic factor.

4. Ann Louie Gittleman, Ph.D., author of the national bestseller, The Fat Flush Plan, recommends diluting your juice with water, adding less and less juice—and more water—as time goes by.

5. Dr. Gittleman also recommends including in your diet water-rich foods like broth-based soups, lettuce, broccoli and citrus fruits.

6. Dr. Maoshing Ni, author of the bestseller, Secrets of Longevity, and the just-released follow-up, Secrets of Longevity: Dr. Mao’s 8 Week Program, refers to filtered tap water as “a key to losing weight.” Says Dr. Mao, “Filter your own water with a high-quality water filter like the one from Aquasana and drink it throughout the day to help with fluid retention. It is also a natural appetite suppressant.”

7. Dr. Mao also suggests making a “detox soup” with filtered tap water, seasonal vegetables like kale and winter squash, dried beans and legumes and aromatic herbs and spices. Bring the soup to a boil and simmer for a couple of hours.

8. Track and monitor your daily water consumption by downloading an application for your phone such as Water Me or Water Your Body.

9. Substitute a cup of warm water with a drop of honey for the coffee you might have after lunch and dinner. This will also help you eliminate caffeine, which dehydrates the body.

10. Outsmart the mid-afternoon blood-sugar blues. Set the alarm on your phone to ring at 3 pm to remind you to stop and drink a full glass of water before the afternoon munchies hit.

11. Design your own, one-of-a-kind, stainless steel water bottle to make drinking water more fun and a way to express yourself. This works especially well with kids.

5 small food changes that add up over time

Last time we talked about making those small changes in your lifestyle and diet that can add up over time to help you achieve some pretty serious results. The list I’ve compiled is based on eating and drinking these unhealthy things ONCE A DAY, which I know not everyone does. (Who eats Dominos every day?) This is meant to illustrate how daily choices can add up over time to net us big-time benefits. Here’s the breakdown of what small food choice changes can do for you:

Soft drink > water
Once a day, drink a glass of water instead of a 20 oz Coke.

Healthy water instead ofCoke

Chips > apple and nuts
Once a day, eat an apple and a handful of raw almonds instead of a grab bag of Doritos Nacho Cheese chips.

Healthy options

Candy bar > Muscle Milk
Once a day, trade that post-work out Snickers bar for a Muscle Milk Light Ready-to-Drink.

Healthy options

Bad lunch salad > good lunch salad
Once a day, exchange an Outback Queensland salad w/ Blue Cheese dressing for a Panera Bread Asian Sesame Chicken Salad.

Healthy food options

Domino’s > California Pizza Kitchen
Once a day, eat 1/3 of a California Pizza Kitchen Thin Crust Margherita Pizza instead of 2 slices of a Domino’s Large Ultimate Pepperoni pizza.

Healthy food options

If you implemented changes like these, your net total loss of calories would be 1,491,308, for a total pound loss of 426. Maybe it’s time to examine your diet and see if there are some places that you can make some substitutions to make big changes down the road!

SEO Bot Strikes Again

Ever read a blog that makes your head hurt? Bad grammar, incorrect word usage, terrible spelling and strange sentence structure are just some of the many errors that pop up in blogs that make you think, “How was this ever written by a human being?” Well, maybe it wasn’t.

Some writers and website content managers rely on bots, for example, to stuff blog posts full of SEO keywords that thoroughly trash any editorial or informational value the post might otherwise have had. Such posts are often repetitive (to pump up those SEO numbers), nonsensical and sometimes downright offensive. As avid bloggers and retailers, we get our fair share of blog notices that contain many of the capital blogging sins, and I’d like to share one shining example:

According to this blog post, The Aquasana shower filters have a wealth of hitherto unknown qualities, capabilities and commendations:

“Pure smoke removal.” (Our filters do not now, nor have they ever, removed smoke from shower water. Nor do we recommend that you smoke in the shower.)Not to mention the filter, chlorine, which canallergic reactions.” (Our filter is not made of chlorine, it reduces chlorine, and I’m not sure what exactly a “canallergic reaction” is.)

“Aquasana filter reduces chemicals and synthetic because of a carbonized coconut shell.” (We actually use coconut shell carbon, which is slightly different than “carbonized coconut shell.”)

It is not in vain as the Niagara ‘head.’” (Not sure what exactly is not in vain, and not sure how we compare to the Niagara “head.”)

“Even Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Oprah WinfreyHunger “prescribed” a shower filter his television audience.” (Um, what is an Oprah WinfreyHunger? And how does it describe Dr. Oz?)

“And many experts have specifically recommended the years Aquasana shower filter, including the Consumer Digest Magazine, which rated a “Best Buy” and cosmetology today, the name IT products.” (We are not, have never been and never plan to be an IT product of any size, shape, style or color.)

“If you are after a simple shower filter or if your best, you get rid of the chlorine exposure, the filter actually works.” (I am so glad the filter “actually works”. We would not sell bogus products!)

Hope we made you laugh. Happy holidays!

How Should You Plan for Healthy Drinking Water During Pregnancy?

When you are expecting a baby, you can expect your life to change in many ways. Aside from the additional weight you will be carrying around, you will need to make changes in order to accommodate the health of the child growing inside you. Changes in lifestyle are necessary for your body to change along with your growing child. Remember that the child in you demands a lot from you and you must be ready to give it.

The body naturally needs water for all of its different bodily functions. By drinking the required 8 glasses of water a day, many illnesses, pregnancy symptoms, and discomforts can be avoided or minimized. The need for plenty of healthy water can easily be overlooked or forgotten, but once you are pregnant, you cannot afford to do any less. Pregnant women need to drink 8 glasses of water a day or more. These should be consumed throughout the day, in between meals, and not all in one sitting.  It is essential that pregnant women avoid becoming dehydrated.

You must remember that dehydration is not the same as being thirsty. Actually, dehydration happens long before you feel thirst, because once you are thirsty, it means that you have been dehydrated for a while already. While dehydration in an average person is unhealthy, dehydration in a pregnant woman is dangerous, both for the mom and the baby. Water is needed to transport nutrients through the blood from the mother to the baby. Pregnant women tend to store extra water in their body, so drinking more water helps flush that out. Urinary tract infections are common in expecting mothers, and water helps prevent that.

Dehydration during pregnancy is serious. In the third trimester, the mother’s blood volume increases. Thicker blood can lead to hypertension and other cardiovascular problems. Drinking more water than the required 8 glasses a day during the third trimester helps avoid these problems.

Also in the third trimester, dehydration can cause contractions and eventually premature labor, which is something mothers do not usually want for their child. Premature labor makes it harder for the child to survive, but drinking water can prevent premature labor from happening. Other benefits of proper hydration during pregnancy include better bowel movement, less acne, healthier skin, flushing away of excess sodium, less chance of miscarriage, and prevention of nausea or morning sickness.

Pregnant women must not only stay hydrated, but they should drink clean and healthy water during pregnancy. Below are just a few of the contaminants found in tap water and how they can affect the unborn baby you are carrying:

·        Chlorine – Miscarriages and other problems

·        Nitrates – Blue Baby Syndrome

·        Lead – Slows mental development

·        Pharmaceutical drugs – Effects growth and development

It is clear that it is important to be intentional about drinking the required amount of water for the health of the child and the mother. Also, the mother must have healthy drinking water during pregnancy that is free of dangerous water contamination. This is easily provided by using water filters by Aquasana. These filters ensure you that no contaminants will be allowed in your water. Your safety and the safety of your precious child is a top concern and Aquasana can be your partner in making sure the water that comes out of your tap is healthy for mom and baby alike.

Aquasana Drinking Water Filter Demonstration

Check out this demonstration of how effective Aquasana water filters are at removing contaminants from your drinking water. Putting his own health on the line, our VP of Marketing shows you how confident we are that our water filter systems remove chlorine and sediment from municipal water supplies. No humans were harmed in the making of this video.

Why is Aquasana Better than Mavea Water Filtration pitchers?

Water filtration pitchers seem like a great idea at first. They are a cheap way to get cleaner, healthier drinking water. While to some extent, this is true, water filtration pitchers not the be-all end-all solution for drinking water quality that you would hope for.

Many water filtration pitchers do not have the same stringent requirements that Aquasana water filters are subject to. Water filtration pitchers are not subject to any of the government regulations imposed upon standard water systems. You can never be sure what you are drinking when using a water filtration pitcher. Another disadvantage of pitchers is their slow filtering speed. It can take nearly half an hour for a full pitcher of water to be completely filtered. Unless you are only filtering water for a small family, this water will quickly run out and you will be forced to drink unfiltered tap water.

Along with the limited supply of filtered water you can produce, using only water fiiltration pitchers means the water you use to cook, clean your clothes, wash your dishes and take showers in will all still be unfiltered, contaminated water.  You will not be able to filter drinking water that comes from other sources like from your refrigerator water outlet, at a wet bar, from faucets in the bathrooms or the water that fills your automatic ice maker. So you are not getting very good protection from water contamination for you or for your family using only water filtration pitchers.

An Aquasana water filter can filter water at a faster rate and has a much higher capacity tank. It would take an extremely large group to drink enough water to overpower an Aquasana water filter. One advantage that water filtration pitchers do have is the initial investment. Purchasing a water filtration pitcher will be cheaper than a high quality water filter at first.

The filters in a pitcher will not last nearly as long, however, as those in an Aquasana water filter. You will find yourself constantly changing the filters in the pitcher in order to maintain the taste and purity of the water. In the long run, an  Aquasana water filter will save you money on the cost of repeatedly purchasing filters. In the end, it simply makes more sense to purchase an Aquasana water filter instead of a Mavea water filtration pitcher. Over the long run, they will cost less and clean your water better.

Are the Most Expensive Water Filters the Best Ones?

When it comes to taking care of your family, nothing is more important. Most people would agree that you can’t put a price tag on the health and welfare of your family. Just because it is important does not mean that you should throw away money on an idea without checking it out.

Getting clean water is an important goal. It is important for your family’s health and it is important for your pocketbook. You could throw your money away on buying bottled water to try and meet your family’s needs but in the long run even the most expensive water filters cost less than bottled water does.

One reason bottled water is so expensive is you are constantly buying and throwing away those small plastic bottles. That is why buying a filter from a company such as Aquasana is the environmentally friendly way to go as well. Bottled water is often bottled directly from municipal water sources, meaning that it is no better than drinking water directly out of the tap.

It is smart to be a savvy shopper when looking for the best water filter for your home. As is true with other purchases, a high price tag does not mean that the most expensive water filter is the best one. One reason that more expensive filters can be more trouble than they are worth is that they are sometimes unnecessarily complex, meaning there is more that can go wrong.

The most expensive filter systems are whole house filtration systems, and depending on what company you get them from, they have different weaknesses. Some of them are so expensive that it becomes hard to justify the cost. On the high end of the spectrum, expensive water filter systems can cost as much as twelve thousand dollars.

On the cheaper end there are some available for a little over a thousand dollars. For that, you get clean water in every place in your house that you use water. The company may also include incentives such as free laundry soap for long enough for you to pay off the system.

A whole house system is worth the money if they are provided by a dependable water filter supplier like Aquasana and if they take advantage of a cost-effective water filtration design. Carbon-filtration whole house water filter systems are the most efficient and cost-effective designs for whole house water filter systems. Aquasana has a number of carbon-filtration water filter solutions that will fit your clean water needs as well as your budget.

Next, we can consider under-the-counter and mid-range systems, which instead of thousands of dollars are a more affordable couple hundred dollars per unit. These come in a variety of types and are somewhat prone to have clogs. The important thing to do is to read customer reviews of the system you are looking into and see how reliable they have proven to be.

The most inexpensive filters are point-of-use filters such as faucet filters and shower filters. You can install these yourself and if something does go wrong, they are easy to replace. They can be as cheap as forty to fifty dollars. Many studies have shown that these filters clog the least out of all the types. This proves that it is not how much you spend on something, it is the quality you get out of it. You will find there are many filters on the market from companies such as Aquasana. What is most important is to do your homework before making an investment in a water filter.

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