How to install an Aquasana Rhino Whole House Filter

Have no fear, the Rhino is here!All the power of a rhinocerous with none of the mess.

Buying a point of use filter system like a countertop drinking water filter or shower filter, while not an impulse buy, certainly is not quite the financial commitment that a whole house filter can be. Most people decide to purchase one of our whole house filters because it ends up being a cheaper option in the long run, it takes less maintenance, or they need a customized solution for specific water problems like well water or high iron content. But the process doesn’t end with buying the system. Then you have to install the thing!

Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

As you may be aware, our Rhinos come with a 3-year warranty and a 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not pleased with your purchase, we’ll refund your money and pay to have it shipped back, no questions asked. But in order to keep your Rhino under warranty, you must have a certified plumber install it.

Finding a plumber

If you don’t already know a local plumber you trust, give us a call. We use Angie’s List to find reputable, knowledgeable plumbers in your area to install your system.


In the video below, we used Excalibur Plumbing in Round Rock, Texas. The house we used already had a water softener in place in the garage, so there was a water loop in place and we did not need to have one created. We had them come out and do an estimate first, and the cost of installation will vary based on where your water comes into your home, what kind of preparation the plumber needs to do, and the plumbing company rates for hours, etc. The installation in the video cost $380, to give you an idea of pricing.


Here’s the video version of how to install the Rhino.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Whole House Rhino filter

Q: How do I know when to replace the filter tanks?
A: According to the EPA, the average American household containing four people uses 100,000 gallons a year. The tanks will filter up to 300,000 gallons, so that means you should replace them every 3 years. Keep an eye on your water meter to determine how much water you use, or you can have a plumber install a gallon meter on your Rhino (they usually cost around $240).

Q: Do I have to replace the tanks every 3 years?
A: We recommend you replace the tanks every 3 years or 300,000 gallons. There’s nothing saying you have to, but the warranty expires after 3 years, so it’s a good idea to keep up to date. Also, once you hit 300,000 gallons, the filters don’t work as well. When you purchase a new set of filter tanks, the warranty starts over again for 3 more years, and your filter will remove the bad stuff at the optimum rate.

Q: Can I put the filter outside?
A: The filter must be installed away from direct sunlight, and the unit must be protected from extreme cold or heat. For best results, install it indoors (garage) or build a cover for it outside.

Q: Do I need a plumber to install it? How about to replace the filter tanks?
A: Yes, a certified plumber should install your whole house filter. If someone else installs it, your warranty is void. Your replacement tanks and pre-filters, however, do not need to be installed by a certified plumber: you may replace them yourself.

If you have more questions, ask in the comments, and we’ll answer them!

Using Whole House Water Filter Reviews to Help You Pick the Best One

Each household has a different water filter need. The condition of tap water is different in every community. Contaminants in different neighborhoods and industrial areas differ in severity as well. Because of this, each home must be aware of the state of their tap water and the type of home water filter they need.

Once you know the kind of water filter you need, it is important to convey this to your water filter professional. A good water filter system company like Aquasana can then help you find the right kind of water filter unit based on the condition of your tap water and your budget.

It is true that water filter professionals can be very helpful in your quest for reliable and healthy drinking water. It is also important for each home water filter buyer to read and understand consumer product reviews of the water filter unit they choose to buy.

There are some things other customers can tell you that professionals and sales representatives might fail to point out. That is the kind of “insider information” that you can get from water filter reviews. Here are some things to keep in mind when reading a home water filter review:

The Taste of Filtered Water

Water coming from different water filters will have different tastes. No one is better equipped to tell you about the distinct taste of the water coming from the water filter brand you choose than the people who have used it. Users of that water filter can most accurately tell you how your water will taste like compared to that of other water filter brands.

The Life of the Unit

You do not want a water filter system that will wear out easily. By listening to the opinions of other users as expressed in water filter reviews, you can know how long a unit can be expected to last. This way, you can find out if the materials used in the unit are of good quality. The durability of a water filter system as reported in water filter reviews will also tell you a great deal about the quality of workmanship that went into the manufacturing of that water filter.

Repair Information

You also do not want a water filter that will break down easily. Every filter unit will require you to change the filter cartridge regularly. Aside from that, you should not be bothered with frequent repairs. By reading home water filter system reviews, you can find out what brands require fewer repairs and what brands have fewer problems. You can also find out which ones are easier to use and how accessible repair parts are. This is very important information to note that you may not find any other way than by reading water filter reviews.


People tend to rely heavily on other consumer’s recommendations for any major purchase. There is something about getting a recommendation from a customer that bought, used, and loved the product that builds your confidence in the purchase you are about to make. This just goes to show that the product satisfied their expectations, and it has a good chance of meeting your expectations, too. This same principle applies to reading and using the valuable insights that are only available from water system reviews.

If you are looking for a trusted water filter unit, check out Aquasana water filters. Their filters have been trusted by homes across the country for many years. Home water filter reviews from satisfied Aquasana customers will reflect that Aquasana is one of the country’s most trusted water filter brands.

Do I Need a High Quality Water Filter or is a Water Softener Enough?

Many people are under the misconception that their water is perfectly safe and clean simply because they are using a water softener to clean their water. This is an unfortunate misunderstanding. Although a water softener may help to make your drinking water taste better, it does not make it a cleaner or safer drink. Using a water softener instead of a high quality water filter will not give you the cleaner water that you want to for drinking, cooking or taking showers.

Water softeners work somewhat like a chemical magnet. Water is forced through a bed filled with beads that are covered with sodium ions. The calcium and other chemicals that make water “hard” then exchange their ions with the positively charged sodium ions. When this happens, the calcium is no longer in the water, preventing those horrible rings in your bathtub and the nasty taste of hard water. However, all the water softener has done is remove calcium from your water and replace it with salt. This water is no safer than hard tap water.

A high quality water filter does more than remove the calcium from your drinking water. When your drinking water is run through a high quality water filter such as those made by Aquasana, you are getting water that is free from chemical contaminants. Chlorine and other chemicals that are left in the water by a water softener are swept away when you use a high quality water filter.

Additionally, the water softener removes nearly all the calcium from your water. Although too much calcium makes the water hard, a bit of calcium in your water benefits your body. By using a high quality water filter such as those made by Aquasana, you are removing the chemicals which will harm your body without disturbing the minerals which help your body. A water softener is clearly the wrong choice for providing your house with clean, healthy drinking water. A high quality water filter such as those made by Aquasana will give healthier, cleaner water.

Will a Home Water Filter Investment Help You Sell Your Home?

Selling your home can be a difficult process in this economy. Consumers are looking for a lot of value for their home buying investment. That includes knowing they will be able to get quality drinking water if they buy your home. That is why it is smart to have a home water filter investment in place when you begin to show the home for sale. This could be the selling point that turns a looker into one that places an offer on your home.

You can’t depend on only the water treatment facility in your area to offer you quality water. That is where the job starts, but the rest is up to you. There are just too many forms of chemicals and contaminants out there for the public water processing facility to take care of all of them.

You need to be careful with your home water filter investment, though. The market is full of water filter systems for you to choose from but unfortunately some of them aren’t really going to help you. You have to do some shopping to find the right water filter system for you to gain quality water. Unfortunately, there are water filter makers who are simply trying to make money. They realize there is a market for such products and they want their share of the profits without providing you a water filtration investment you can depend on.

Ironically, many of the overpriced water filters out there don’t work better than those you will pay less for. Yet the companies know consumers will often buy them and pay more, thinking they are getting a quality product in return simply because of the high price tag. Keep in mind that the type of home water filter you need may be very different from the needs of someone else.

You don’t need to spend lots of money to have a great value added to the property. A home water filter investment shows that you care about your home and that you took care of it. That is encouraging to the potential buyer who may wish to buy your home. They want to know that they can have a dream life in that home, and that includes living a healthy life there because the water that comes out of the faucet is healthy and clean.

Always go for a combination of quality, installation ease, and value when it comes to your home water filter investment. Pay attention to how you need to put them in place so you can decide if it is something you can do on your own or not. It shouldn’t be complex and you shouldn’t need to hire a professional for the installation.

You want to feel like you have really gained value with your home water filter investment. You will never feel like you didn’t get that value when you buy one that Aquasana offers. They continue to set the bar very high for other brands to follow as they are dedicated to helping households everywhere have the best possible drinking water. A reliable Aquasana water investment for your home is good for your family and it makes your home more attractive when it is time to sell it as well.

Is a Water Faucet Filter All I Need to Protect My Family From Bad Water?

Many times as our awareness of the importance of healthy water grows, so do our questions, questions such as “What do I need to do to keep my family safe and healthy?” The most important element is what goes into your mouth because the mouth is the main entry point for chemicals into your body. That is why safe drinking water is so important.

An average person should be drinking a little more than 2 quarts of water a day. There are also other ways that water enters our bodies, such as through the skin or as we breathe. Water can enter your system through the food you cook. Almost everything you have or make in the kitchen needs water.

Bottled water rather than tap water is not a reliable solution for your family’s water needs. For one thing, it would cost too much to buy enough water for our drinking and cooking needs. A water filtration system such as those offered by Aquasana is an ideal way to provide safe and abundant sources of clean water for every water need your family might have.

What kind of water filter system should you consider? The minimum you need to get healthy water is a water faucet filter. The contaminants in your drinking water can be mostly dealt with by a water faucet filter. This will reduce the chlorine taste in your water and even improve your food quality. However, water faucet filters do not remove the contaminants completely. Water faucet filters also do not address the other places where you use water in your home.

A water faucet filter is usually the easiest type of water filter to install. All you have to do is attach it to your pre-existing water faucet. They are generally all-purpose filters which make them inexpensive and easy to use. One problem that this approach to water filtration presents is that you either need to have a separate water filtration faucet on all your water faucets or only get your drinking water from one sink.

Occasionally some people find that this type of water faucet filter gets in the way of their everyday use of the sink. This may steer you towards using a similar filter in a different location. Options such as refrigerator and under-the-counter filters are much less obtrusive. The option of installing an under-the-counter filter is probably the less expensive of the two, unless you are in need of a new refrigerator.

There are a number of water issues that water faucet filters do not help improve. Hard water and chemicals can affect you almost anywhere you use water. This includes the shower, the laundry, and especially when you clean your house. Hard water decreases the power of your soaps and cleaning solutions. That means that you have to use much more soap to get the job done, which can be bad for your health.

Hard water and chlorine dry out the skin in the shower and can cause problems such as chronic dry skin and dandruff. The easy solution for the issue in the shower is a shower filter for your bathroom. This solution does not take care of the other areas of the house.

The whole house solution is to get a whole house water filter. This is how you can avoid having multiple filters throughout the house. It may cost more, but this solution is the only way to make sure all the water your family gets is clean. Any of these water filtration systems can be supported by Aquasana. It helps to turn to an experienced manufacturer that supports a variety of water filtration systems like Aquasana, because they will give you the expertise on how to solve your water problems.

What is the Most Effective Type of Residential Water Filter?

Water is one of those things that people don’t think about until something is wrong with it. The main thing that determines the quality of your water is where it comes from. Many homes are hooked up to a personal or communal well. These wells tap into the groundwater which means whatever chemicals end up in the ground end up in your water.

There is a two-pronged approach that is very effective to treating problem water. The first solution is to be aware of what is going on in your environment and control what sort of chemicals end up in your ground. The second and most necessary solution is the use of a residential water filter. To determine how much filtering your water needs, it is important to have your water tested. The first time you have your water tested for contaminants, it will probably be necessary to have a professional come out and test the water. After that, you should test your water twice a year to see if there are any changes in the chemical levels. Depending on your environment and water source, you may need one or more pieces of equipment.

A UV residential water filter will kill any bacteria or germs in your water. You may need a water softener, which will filter out hard water and prevent the damage to your pipes that hard water causes. Additional types of residential water filters may be necessary to filter out things such as iron or pesticides.

The important thing is to treat the water before it enters your house. Clean water puts less strain on pipes and helps water-using appliances last up to twice as long. Clean water also has health benefits throughout the home. It has much more cleaning power and gives your soap the most possible cleaning power. Dirty water can clog your pores and cause dry skin. It is just much less of a headache having one effective residential water filter instead of having to install different kinds for different uses.

Most people within an urban area are hooked into a city water system. While city water is filtered, it also has chlorine added to it which affects its taste and dries out the skin. There are also contaminants in the water that get through the limited public water filtering that can still cause many health and lifestyle problems for your family. In general, tap water is not up to most people’s quality standards. This is why bottled water has become so popular. Bottled water is expensive and not as healthy as it is advertised to be. Filtering it yourself is much cheaper, healthier, and allows you to use as much as you want.

The most common residential water filter is a faucet filter. This filter directly addresses the taste issue at relatively little expense. If you want to remove all kinds of contaminants completely you need an inline water filter. This is the most effective residential water filter because it intercepts all of the water in the home and removes contaminants before they reach your drinking water, your shower, or your clothes- and dish-washing machines. An inline water filter costs more up front but they have a long service life. Faucet water filters are inexpensive but there is an added cost to get fresh filters. Above all, use a reliable residential water filter supplier like Aquasana because you will have a feeling of confidence that the equipment you buy will serve you well, keeping your family safe year after year after year.

How do Whole-House Water Filters Work?

One of the best ways to provide a comprehensive solution for clean water for your family is to install a whole-house water filter. Before you determine whether to purchase a whole house water filter, you need to know a little bit about how the basic filter works. You’ll need to figure out what type and size of the filter meets your family’s needs.

A whole-house water filter system provides clean water for the whole house instead of just the kitchen faucets where drinking water is drawn. The water purifier system becomes the point of entry for the water. These systems work to prevent contaminated water from being used in the home for drinking, cooking, washing clothes and dishes, and bathing.

A whole-house water filter and purification system tends to use a four-step process.

1. Pre-filtering is the first step of most whole-house water filters. Through this step, water entering the home is put through a pre-filter to remove larger particulates, impurities, and contaminants in your tap water. This step traps anything that is about five microns in size. This step is important to the rest of the process of whole-house water filters because it prevents clogging later in the process.
2. Chlorine removal is the next step in whole-house water filters. The filtered water from the first stage is then put through a process to remove any chlorine and other contaminants comparable to chlorine. This step is important in the process of making the water look and taste better. While chorine serves a valuable function at the public water processing level to neutralize biological water contamination, the smell and taste can make your drinking water unpleasant when you draw it from the tap.
3. Activated charcoal is a method of whole-house water filtering that can eliminate the rest of the impurities that were missed through the first two steps. This process will also improve the taste quality of the water. The EPA recommends an activated-charcoal water filtration system for your whole house to give you that extra edge of protection from a wide variety of contaminants that might come in your water. Since the EPA is the agency responsible for the safety of the public water supply for this country, that recommendation means something.
4. Waste removal is the last step in a whole-house water filter system, where the remaining contaminants that have been removed from the incoming water in the previous three steps are flushed away. If a whole-house filter system uses a reverse osmosis system, it will produce the most waste. Using systems that rely on UV light and activated charcoal will produce less waste into the water.

    It is clear that a whole-house water filter that utilizes the activated charcoal methodology is preferable to other water purification methods. Aquasana has an excellent selection of whole-house water filter systems and other methods for keeping your water safe and healthy and that can fit your needs and budget. By working with a quality water filtration expert like Aquasana, you can install a whole-house water filter system that will make your water safe, healthy, and delicious from the first day it is installed. It will keep on providing top-quality water filtration for your home for many years to come.


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