We tested bottles so you don’t have to

We recently launched a filter bottle. This started as a Kickstarter project with a simple goal: creating the best filter bottle on the market. We knew what we wanted- a bottle that could reduce lead, chlorine, cysts, and bacteria found in water. Essentially professional grade water filtration at your fingertips. But before we could hone in on exactly what we wanted we need to know what was already on the market.

filterBottle_test_04We tested dozens of bottles. Much like Goldilocks, none of them were just right. Some were too hard to drink from, some had filters that were too small, some had straws we had to literally bite to drink from.

We agreed we can do better, and we think we have. We created, in our humble opinion, the perfect filter bottle. Or so we thought. As a group, we also tested our bottle and decided it wasn’t perfect yet. We didn’t like how the filter snapped into the cap- too difficult for 10 out of 12 of us, and we didn’t like small details about the mouth cover.

We all weighed in and judged ourselves harsher than we did our competitors. We made the changes and will soon start shipping the filter bottle. We hope you will agree it’s the best filter bottle on the market. If you don’t, let us know how we can improve it. We want what you want: great tasting, healthy water at home and on-the-go.Water Filter Bottle


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