Water quality during a drought

Water is big news.  Drought dominates the headlines in much of the South and West. We hear a stead stream of stories  about city water supplies restricted, interrupted and threatened.

That made us wonder, which cities would run out of water the fastest?

A study done at the Environmental Hydrology Laboratory at the University of Florida ranks the 225 American cities with populations greater than 100,000 on fresh water availability and vulnerability. Most of the cities considered to be vulnerable are in the southwest.

The study rates ten cities as having a high level of vulnerability. San Antonio, with a metro area population of just under 2.3 million, comes in at 225. It’s followed by Miami, Florida, at 224 as the second most vulnerable city. The largest metropolitan area threatened is Los Angeles, ranked 220 in terms of water security.

lake travis

Lake Travis, near Austin, TX

The other U.S. cities considered vulnerable are: Lincoln, NE (223), San Jose, CA (222), San Diego, CA (221), Salt Lake City, UT (219), Riverside/San Bernadino, CA (218), Mission Viejo, CA (217) and El Paso, TX/NM (216). New York, Chicago, Cleveland, and Tampa/St. Petersburg are also facing a threat of water depletion.

The University of Florida study concluded these high-ranking cities tend to be adjacent to very large lakes, such as the Great Lakes, and large rivers.

Why does water level matter? Life on this planet is sustained by healthy, clean, and pure drinking water. Without a clean source of water, we would not survive. In recent decades the quality of our drinking waters have deteriorated significantly.  Earth is a closed eco-system. The same sources of water continue to cycle through over and over and have for centuries.  Only with each passing day, more pollution and contaminants enter the waterways.

Filtering water takes out what industrialization, farming, transportation and everyday pollution puts into water, bringing it back to the state is was intended: pure and healthy. Aquasana’s carbon filter undoes centuries of pollution to trap chemicals, pollutants and contaminates inside a small carbon block, leaving water clean, healthy and delicious. Water is precious, and lately it is also scarce.


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