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We thought you might like to read a few articles all about why Water Matters. Be the first of your friends to know all about those water contaminants, what causes them, and what types of effects they can have on you and our planet.

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Water Quality Month Because Water Matters

Take a look at some of our top water concerns and inspirations for this month. Water Quality Month

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    We need to put more thought into the water quality in our kids’ schools. Lead Pipes

  • Why You Need A Whole House Water Filter & A Drinking Filter


    Combining water filtration systems gives you multiple lines of defense against contaminants. Filter Combo

  • PFOA, PFOS, PFAS - A Lot of Letters, Let's Talk Numbers


    PFOAs take a stance with non-stick cookware. Unfortunately, their stance isn't backing down. PFOAs Aren't Breaking Down