A lake is a body of water surrounded by land. A lake can contain either fresh or salt water, and can be man-made or naturally occurring.

Lead Plumbing

Lead plumbing is a significant water issue today. Commonly used in plumbing since Ancient Rome, lead poisoning has been a consistent issue through the ages. Sparked by the struggles of Flint, Michigan residents, the nation has been discovering issues with lead plumbing throughout its infrastructure since 2015.


Legionella, a pathogenic bacteria, derived its name and made headlines after sickening 221 persons and causing the deaths of 34 during the summer of 1976. The outbreak was first noticed among people attending the American Legion, an association of U.S military veterans. Because the outbreak effected so many war vets, in Philadelphia, days before the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence it caused great concern in the US. When the bacteria was pinpointed, it was named Legionella. Infection by legionella can cause flu-like symptoms, called Pontiac Fever of pneumonia, called Legionnaire’s Disease.

Terms You Should Know

  • Raw Water

    When water is called “raw” it is untreated – simply meaning no removal of contaminants, bacteria, parasites, etc.  A common new trend in the US, drinking raw water... Raw Water

  • Algal Bloom

    When an algae population grows rapidly, causing the water to be discolored, it is called an algal bloom. Some algal blooms produce toxins, while non-toxic blooms can be just... Algal Bloom

  • NSF International

    NSF International is actually not an abbreviation, but a stand-alone term. While NSF used to stand for National Sanitation Foundation, it was officially changed to... NSF International

  • Point Of Use Filter

    A point of use, or POU, filter purifies water at the point where water is actually used. Whether at your kitchen faucet, a refrigerator dispenser, or your shower head, a... Point Of Use Filter

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