How to Select the Right Whole House Filter for Your Home

Is your water being treated with chlorine or chloramines? Do you use private well water?

At Aquasana we’re obsessed with contaminant reduction and great tasting, healthy water throughout the home. When you buy one of our Whole House systems, you can rest easy knowing that all your water is clean. From the shower to the washer to the kitchen sink, we want you to feel confident that your water has been thoroughly filtered.

We offer three different Whole House systems specifically tailored to the type of water in your home, whether it’s municipal water treated with chlorine, treated with chloramines or untreated well water. Find out how your water is treated and which contaminants are likely to affect you below.

water treatment centersConsumer Confidence Report

The EPA requires water suppliers to distribute a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) or annual Drinking Water Quality Report. You should receive this report by July 1st each year. Some cities even publish their water quality report in their semi-annual magazines. Within the report, you’ll see just how your water is treated. You’ll also be notified if there are any specific concerns for your area.

You can often access your water quality report year-round by visiting your city’s official website. For example, residents of Austin, Texas, for example would visit

If you’re still unsure of how to access your CCR, check out this interactive map on the EPA’s website. While not all water suppliers have provided a direct link, you can type in your zip code and find out exactly who your water supplier is and how to contact them.

glass of water

Each type of water treatment affects your water in a specific way. If your water supplier treats with chlorine, you should be able to smell and taste it. Chlorine can be harsh on skin and hair causing everything from dry skin to split ends. Bright colors could also be a casualty, when your favorite clothes meet chlorine-treated water in the washing machine.


Chloramines put their own stamp on things. Though it’s not as harsh or as noticeable as chlorine, it is still an aggressive disinfectant. A mix of chlorine and ammonia, it’s meant to stay in your water longer. While this prolongs the amount of time your water remains disinfected, it also makes filtering more difficult. Another concern about chloramines is their potential effect on lead or copper pipes. The CDC states “Chloramine can change the chemical properties of the water, which can affect lead and copper pipes.” While the CDC insists that this is not an issue because lead and copper are strictly regulated, we know that the EPA has struggled to contend with lead in recent years.


Private well water should always be filtered, as it is not treated municipally. Well water is at risk of contamination from bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. Naturally occurring chemicals such as arsenic or radon can make their way into private water supplies, as well as pesticides used on local land. The CDC reminds well owners that they are responsible for ensuring that their water is safe from contaminants. Contaminated well water can cause everything from stomach issues to reproductive problems and neurological disorders. With children, elderly, and the immunocompromised at highest risk.

Aquasana whole home water filtration system for chlorineOur Recommendations: Chlorine Treated Water

If your water is being treated with chlorine, our 600,000 gallon and 1,000,000 gallon Rhinos are the best fit. These powerhouse filters are NSF certified to remove 97% of chlorine. That means Rhino filtered water tastes and smells better, without harsh chemicals.

These filters also reduce harmful contaminants like lead and mercury, industrial solvents and more. Designed for quick and easy tank replacements, you can trust your filter to be a sustainable fix for your chlorine treated water.

The 600,000 gallon system will last for up to 6 years. The million gallon system is a great value lasting up to 10 years at minimal cost.

Our Recommendations: Chloramine Treated Water

For water treated with chloramines, we’ve created the 400,000 gallon Chloramine Rhino system. This system is specifically designed to treat chloramines, a disinfectant comprised of chlorine and ammonia. Because chloramines are meant to stay in water longer than chlorine, they are much harder to remove. In fact, most water filters are not even capable of effectively removing chloramines.

Our Chloramine Rhino filters for 4 years or 400,000 gallons and includes a catalytic carbon filter specially designed to target and reduce chemicals. This system is not available online at this time, so for more information, please call our water filtration experts at 1-866-662-6885.

Our Recommendations: Well Water

Our experts have worked tirelessly to provide a well water filter that is up to the task.

With a carbon media upgrade, larger 20” pre-filter, sub-micron post-filter and our Sterilight Ultraviolet Filter, our Well Water Rhino is well-equipped to protect from bacteria, viruses and other contaminants commonly found in well water.

Ready to learn more? Give our water filtration experts a call at 1-866-662-6885.
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