How to Choose the Best Filter for Removing Lead

Water is the hottest issue in the news. Cities all over the country are discovering lead in their drinking water. Lead is a neurotoxin and there is no safe amount of lead to ingest. The only way to remove lead from drinking water is to invest in a water filter. However, not all water filters are equal. If you are going to invest in a water filter, make sure that filter is the best possible.

For starters, invest in a filter certified by a third party group called NSF. If you haven’t heard of NSF, it was originally established in 1944 at the University Of Michigan School Of Public Health as an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization. This group certifies household products ranging from kitchen utensils to heated blankets, including water filters. They offer third-party, independent testing, and certification.

You also need to know what’s in your water to know what type of filter you need. Lead isn’t the only containment potentially in your drinking water. Treated drinking water can also contain heavy metals such as mercury, and environmental pollutants like pharmaceuticals, herbicides, and pesticides. Plus, to clean drinking water the disinfectants used are harsh chemicals like chlorine, and in many cities a combination of chlorine and ammonia. You want your water filter to remove all of these contaminants that can negatively affect your health or the taste of the water.

Aquasana’s drinking water filters remove over 66 harmful contaminants from water including chlorine, chloramines, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, industrial solvents, lead, asbestos, and mercury. Aquasana water filters are engineered to preserve the healthy minerals in water, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Plus, they are certified by NSF. From whole house to countertop, to under counter and our newest addition: our filter bottle, we have a variety of price points and options to meet every need. Be your own best advocate and invest in a water filter up to the job of delivering clean, healthy water every time you turn on the tap.


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