6 Gifts to Help People Drink More Water

For your loved ones this season

It’s the giving season again and with temperatures dropping, other arenas are heating up. We’re talking about the sport that is holiday shopping. Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can cause heart palpitations, but we’re here to take the pressure off. What’s better than a gift that’s both practical and healthy? Here’s our guide to buying all manner of products to encourage healthy water drinking in the new year — no matter who you’re buying for.


For the Environmentalist

The push to use fewer plastic straws this year certainly broke into public consciousness, particularly this past summer, as word came out that plastic straws were environmentally-unfriendly. If nothing else, they contribute to the Pacific Garbage Patch, which is definitely terrible. For those who still prefer to use straws, these reusable metals straws are the perfect gift. For that friend who respects the environment and also loves a discussion about energy fields, there’s even this stainless steel amethyst straw from Glacce.

The Traveler

Your world-traveling sister has one complaint about her excursions, and it’s that carrying everything she needs is a pain. You can help her keep one thing at bay: her thirst. The Aquasana filtered water bottle is BPA-free will keep her hydrated no matter where her travels take her. It even holds 22 ounces and filters 99 percent of chlorine for clean, delicious water.

The Aquasana filtered water bottle is BPA-free will keep her hydrated no matter where her travels take her. It even holds 22 ounces and filters 99 percent of chlorine for clean, delicious water.

The Beauty Expert

Sure, you’ll never impress your beauty blogger niece with your skincare knowledge, but go one better and get her this fruit infusing pitcher. Soaking fruit or vegetables in drinking water not only gives it a nice hint of sweetness and taste, but it also adds the fruit’s vitamins and minerals into the water and helps promote healthy, hydrated skin. Your niece couldn’t roll her eyes even if she wanted to.

For the Pet Lover

More and more we regard our furry friends like children, so for that friend who proudly calls themselves a dog mom or dad, a gift for their pup will mean the world to them. Go with this filtered travel bowl and help them cut down on the number of things they need to carry for Banjo. And help keep Banjo healthy with clean water!

For the Outdoors Enthusiast

Your backpacking, hike-loving brother is occupied with finding the perfect rock-climbing spot, so you know he’s not thinking much about his water supply. Aquasana’s filtered stainless steel bottle will not only keep him supplied with healthy water to the end of the trail, but its vacuum-seal will also keep his water ice cold for up to 24 hours.

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