Introducing Aquasana Active

The Aquasana Active™ brand is here with two new products: The Clean Water Machine and The Clean Water Bottle.

Todd Bartee, CEO of Aquasana said “Great tasting, healthy water has never been easier to get, wherever you are. Our new Active line takes professional grade filtration and makes it portable. No installation or plumbing required. Get water free of lead, cysts, chlorine and more on the go or at home.”

The Clean Water MachineClean Water Machine

The Clean Water Machine is the next generation of the award-winning Powered Water Filtration System. It just got stronger and smarter. The new product is more than a gravity pitcher that passively sifts water. Obsessively engineered to provide instant filtration, it removes 99% of lead and 65 other contaminants. The long-lasting filters go through 320 gallons before replacement. NSF® International certified that this product filters 66 contaminants, over 15 times the leading gravity pitcher.

The Clean Water Bottle

active-cwbThe Clean Water Bottle gives you better water everywhere. It all began with a Kickstarter project to bring this one to market and reached 129% of the funding goal. We started with a vision of smart design paired with patented filter technology never before available in a bottle.

This patented technology enables the bottle to be the first of its kind to remove things people worry about in everyday tap water: over 99% of chlorine, lead, bacteria, and cysts. The filter technology also permits chuggability. No significant suction or strong-arming is required for delicious, clean water. Made from premium materials, this bottle is available in both shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and BPA-free Tritan™ plastic designed to keep your filtered water pristine.


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