12 tips: Keep your family hydrated & healthy

water, alcohol & holiday food

Hydration is always important, but especially in December. Cold and Flu season is peaking, and holiday parties often involve alcohol and foods loaded in salt and sugar. To help you stay healthy and keep your diet on track, these are our top 12 tips for drinking more water:

  1. Filter your water. May seem obvious, but taking contaminants out of water dramatically improves the taste and health benefits.
  2. Invest in a bottle you love. Scratch that. Invest in many bottles you love so that you always have a bottle with you
  3. Infuse your water with your favorite fruits and herbs so you don’t get bored of drinking just plain water
  4. Go high tech. Many health and fitness apps have a water tracker
  5. Start each day with a glass of water and then make an effort to have a glass of water before each meal
  6. Enlist Siri’s help and set reminders to have a glass of water
  7. Get the office involved. Invest in a water filter for the office so everyone has access to clean healthy water
  8. Try altering the temperature of your water. Some people say they drink more water if it’s cold, some prefer room temperature
  9. Before you leave for work, or errands, fill a bottle and water in the car to sip during traffic stops
  10. Make it a family challenge. Set big goals for water drinking and toast to your combined success (with water, of course)
  11. Use a straw. Lots of people say they drink more water through a straw- especially if you have sensitive teeth and like your water cold
  12. When you have an alcoholic drink, chase it with a glass of water. If you are at a party, make it a glass of sparkling water. Alcohol is a diuretic, so hydrating is especially important if you’ve had an alcoholic beverage

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