A Fond Farewell


On set at NBC 5 in Chicago with Aquasana

Today I leave the best job I’ve ever had. For nearly two years I’ve had the pleasure of coming to work at Aquasana. As the Director of PR, I pitched Aquasana’s products to the media, to bloggers and influencers. I also managed content for social media and this blog. I love water filtration. My father worked for a water filter company for many years so water filtration is in my DNA. It’s incredible rewarding to talk about a product that truly improves lives. We all need water to survive and we all should be filtering our water. This is a product I use in┬ámy own home. I literally drink the water on Aquasana.


Some of the Aquasana crew

With a heavy heart, I leave both this job and this city- Austin, Texas. I am moving to Chicago. I will miss many things about Austin, but most of all I will miss Aquasana. The people I work with are my family. I see them more than I do my actual family, and I truly adore these people. It’s little wonder why Aquasana was voted a Best Place to Work in Austin. The office is dog friendly, and friendly in general. It’s the kind of place where people bring in home-baked treats and remember your birthday without having to be reminded. This group is smart and a lot of fun to work with. Plus, all the filtered water you can drink.


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