One Step At A Time

It is recommend you get 10,000 steps a day. No biggie.  I’ve been walking for four decades now. I’ve got this. Then came the crushing reality of my wearable fitness tracker. It’s like having a teeny tiny, militant trainer strapped to my wrist all day.  He knows when I’ve been lazy and when I’m trying harder than usual.  In fact my wrist-sized trainer sends me encouraging messages when I make my goal.  IMG_2242At first I thought how hard could it be to get 10,000 steps a day?  Turns out, it is very hard.  Wearing this step tracker has made me very aware of how sedentary I am.  I sit at a desk for much of the day.  I have tried a standing desk and I can’t get the hang of typing while standing.  To me, it’s like patting my head and rubbing my stomach.  I can do each item but not at the same time.  To get to 10,000 steps, I have to work at it.  I have to walk my dog each morning, walk to lunch and use the rest room at the other end of the building.

IMG_2239As an office we decided to get healthier and many of us starting wearing step trackers. We all have the same brand and the corresponding app allowing us to set challenges with each other. Each week for the past few months we’ve had a Work Week Hustle challenge where one person is declared the winner based on total number of steps taken during the work week. Turns out we are a competitive group! We are often on the heels of one another. In this case, competition is healthy. We are pushing each other to keep moving and celebrating small milestones.

Taking control of your health is all about small steps. Your steps could be literal- walking more in your day, or in other ways: investing in a water filter and drinking more water, or cleaning up your diet and making the choice to eat healthier foods. Whatever you decide, it helps to have a team to walk the line with you. I have a competition to win and I’m 2,763 steps behind the leader. Gotta go walk somewhere…


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