April Showers and Beyond

April is a month dedicated to showers. We learn in elementary school April showers bring May flowers. What if your shower could bring you better hair and skin? That’s even better than flowers!

Beauty really is skin deep and skin is our largest organ. When showering, chemicals in our shower water enter our bodies through skin absorption and inhalation of steam. Chlorine and other harsh chemicals in shower water can strip your hair of its natural protective oils, leaving you with brittle, lifeless strands. Showering in Aquasana filtered water restores your hair’s natural shine and strength from the outside in.

shower head filter 2Aquasana shower filters target synthetic chemicals and remove over 90% of chlorine giving you noticeably softer, healthier skin.

I can tell you from personal experience, having a shower filter extends the life of my hair color and reduces my son’s eczema. To me, that trumps flowers any day.


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