Autism Awareness and Water

April is autism awareness month. Why am I writing about water? Good question. They go hand-in-hand. Especially for me. My son has autism and I’m his strongest advocate. I represent his best interests at doctor appointments, school meeting and home.Will BB

People with autism are sensitive: sounds, lights, textures, as well as food and beverage ingredients – the smallest things make huge differences. We turn the volume down, use a low light nightlight, and keep trigger foods and drinks out of the house. Will, my sweet 8 year old, also has eczema. His sensitive skin reacts to everything.

Every drop of water he drinks is filtered. The water I use to boil his Mac-N-Cheese is filtered water. No one benefits from heavy metals in water I know he is more sensitive than most so I pay special attention to this because it makes a big difference. His skin is less itchy and he is over-all healthier. Water is a necessity and the cornerstone to good health.  I want the water he drinks to be the best water possible.

Luckily he is a water drinker and he likes it cold and Aquasana filtered. At home I make ice cubes with filtered water and have my Clean Water Machine on the countertop, plus the pitcher in the refrigerator. IMG_1647 When he goes to school I send a filter bottle with him. Aquasana filters not only for taste (chlorine, chloramines), but also heavy metals (lead, mecury), pharmaceuticals (yes, in your water – ibuprofen, estrogen – interfere with his meds), and organic pesticides.

We do all we can to stay ahead of autism, and this one area I CAN solve for him. This journey taught me to control what you can and not to worry about the rest. It gives me great comfort knowing he is drinking the best water I can give him.


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