Road Testing The New Filter Bottle

Filtration On The Go

We recently launched a filter bottle. We launch new products fairly regularly, but this is the one I am the most excited about. I am always on the go- traveling for work, for fun and running around after three kids. I detest buying bottles of water, but refuse to drink unfiltered water.

IMG_0319My filter bottle arrived last week (I didn’t get mine any sooner than our Kickstarter customers got theirs) and yesterday I got the chance to put mine to the travel test. I was traveling with the family and had a tight connection. I had only a few minutes to get water. I saw a drinking fountain. Typically this would have repulsed me with visions of germs and contaminates flowing from that public fountain. But for the first time, I filled my bottle with 22 ounces of giddy anticipation. I knew that the pleated filter in my bottle would remove over 99% of bacteria, lead, chlorine, and cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia. I had just enough time to fill the bottle, take a picture, screw the top back on and run to my gate. As I sat on the every-seat-filled and very stuffy airplane, I pulled out my filter bottle and took a sip. The water tasted just as it does at home: clean, and delicious.

The Aquasana Active Filter Bottle was successfully funded last spring on Kickstarter. This product is the next step for Aquasana following decades of success in home-filtration products. We designed this for anyone who wants on-the-go filtration: athletes, business travelers, and busy parents. Simply fill the bottle with 22 ounces of tap water and drink. It is easy to use and actually works!

The Aquasana filter bottle is available in shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and in BPA-Free Tritan™ plastic to give options for all ages and all settings. All bottles come with a premium silicone sleeve, in five designer colors, to provide protection against breakage and a non-slip grip.

Plus, it boasts the longest-lasting filter on the market. The filter lasts for 80 gallons – the equivalent of 640 disposable plastic bottles. In an airport, or a theme park, or wherever your travels take you, you will literally never have to buy another bottle of water again.


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