Compliment Your Thanksgiving Meal With The Best Water

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s the only time my entire family gets together, sits around a table and shares a meal with purpose. A lot goes into the meal- months of planning travel schedules, booking hotel rooms and securing flights from every pocket of the country (I have a large immediate family), plus weeks of menu planning, and hours of cooking.

If my family is like yours, the meal is thought about with great care. The turkey is organic as is all the sides. As a nation, s much thought is put into the food- you see signs in almost every restaurant and in most grocery stores advertising family feasts for purchase, plus recipes posted online and in local newspapers for weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Food sourcing is a thing. Yet “water sourcing” is not. Shouldn’t the water you drink to wash down that Thanksgiving spread be as important as the food you eat?

As Aquasana we often say there are no new sources of water in the world. That means the same water consumed at that first Thanksgiving is essentially the same water you will serve at your table. If you aren’t filtering your water, you need to be. Using a water filter means your water is the purest, healthiest water possible. Think of it as organic water- everything you want, nothing you don’t.

cranberry waterTo put a seasonal spin on my filtered water, I infuse it with cranberries and rosemary. This compliments the flavors of the meal and gives a nice pop of color to the table. Apples and cinnamon are a nice seasonal infusion as well. Orange and lemon slices… the list is endless. Whatever flavors you like together you will enjoy as a water infusion.

Serve your family and friends the best water you can. This meal is about being thankful, and we are thankful for clean, delicious water to compliment our favorite meal with our favorite people


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