Living Our Brand: Fitness Challenge 2016

We are a company dedicated to healthy living. Our tag line is “Live Healthy”. As a group we are healthy and active. But like millions of other people, most of us are far from where we’d like to be as far as our level of fitness. The reasons are the same as yours: over indulging at holiday parties, too much time at the office, too little time at the gym. Plus the usual stress of life. In just the last year, our small office welcomed 2 new babies, launched our first Kickstarter campaign, and successfully brought a filter bottle to market.

weighing in

Scott (weighing-in) barely qualifies after Vik (showing surprise) discovers an unexplained anomaly from Scott’s tricorder readings: a symbiotic relationship with Tucker (not shown), a member of a superior species

The reasons why don’t really matter. The truth is, we want to live our brand promise. So we started a fitness challenge. 10 of the 14 people in our Austin office, are taking part (the other four are incredibly fit). The competition isn’t based on weight loss, rather on fat loss. Our number-crunching boss came up with the rules to make it fair to everyone. Based on age, gender and height we all have a range of ideal body mass index (BMI). Each week for four months, we all step on a scale that measures both weight and percentage of body fat. Let me tell you, nothing keeps you accountable quite like having to step on a scale in front of your co-workers!

The challenge just began and already changes, both big and small, are underway. Many of us walked during our lunch break today. It’s easy to just keep plugging away at the list of assignments and eat at your desk. Today, no one ate at their desk! Even those who didn’t walk during lunch ate at tables, away from computers, phones and other reminders of work left to do.

Another change is the food we are consuming. Some are bringing healthy options from home. Many of us are buying ready-made, portion and calorie controlled meals from Snap Kitchen. I’m in that group and the food is delicious. I certainly don’t feel deprived. For me, I get into trouble when I get too hungry. With ready-made healthy meals, I won’t have that problem. We all already drink lots of water, but I know I’ve made extra trips to the sink to fill my glass water bottle up this week.

Four months is a long time. Hopefully the healthy stamina continues. Regardless of who comes out on top, health and fitness is a journey, and like all good trips, this one is better done as a group.

Wish us luck. We’ll keep you posted.


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