High Performance Water for High Performance Athlete

Danielle Hightower is a high performance athlete. daniShe is in the top 15% of Cross Fit athletes in the world. When she’s not working as a school aide in the Physical Education department, of course, she’s at the gym. She puts in three hours most days and when she can, she spends four or five hours pushing her body to its limits. She exercises six days a week, resting only on Sunday.

She can squat 305 pounds, clean 215 pounds and deadlift 300 pounds. She can also do 100 double-unders in 30 seconds. To fuel her through her grueling workouts, she replenishes with water just as high-powered as she is — Aquasana.

  • Danielle HightowerWhy does the water you drink matter to you? Where I live in Texas, the water tastes terrible. I drink a LOT of water-it has to taste good! The Aquasana system is fast-it filters in the time it takes me to (pick a cross fit activity that you can do in 30 seconds). Plus, it saves me money since I don’t have to buy bottled water.
  • Do Cross Fit athletes need more water than other athletes? I’ve played competitive soccer and always been active. Any athlete drinks a lot of water. Cross Fit is the most physically taxing of anything I’ve ever done. I use every muscle in my body. I am working out long after I leave the gym so I make an extra effort to stay hydrated and replenished.
  • What are your plans for this year in terms of Cross Fit? My plans in Cross Fit this year is to place higher in the Open, one of the biggest competitions in Cross Fit. If I do well in the Open, I may earn a spot at the Cross Fit Games which is a goal and a dream for me. Cross Fit competition season is beginning and I am competitive. I want to win!

We know this: wherever Hightower goes, and no matter how much she dead lifts, she is fueled by the best water possible.


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