Relaxation never tasted so good

FullSizeRenderI am a massage junkie. With three kids and a full time job (requiring lots of sitting and typing- you’re welcome) I carry stress in lots of places. My shoulders, my back, you name it- everything feels tight and out of alignment by the end of tough week.  If you’ve ever gotten a massage, whether at a day spa, or an airport kiosk, chances are you were told to drink a lot of water after the massage. If you don’t remember this, you were too blissed out. This is really important advice.

First off, massages are dehydrating. Kneading and working muscle gets fluid pumping out of the soft tissue and into your circulatory system, where it heads toward your kidneys. That’s why you may feel like you have to pee right after a massage. You have to replenish that lost water. Then there’s the issue of “metabolic waste” which is the fancy term for what happened when your muscles work hard each day. When your muscles are tight or you’ve got a kink somewhere (my shoulders always feel knotted up), it constricts circulation in those areas, inhibiting the body’s ability to flush out this waste. And, since tight muscles are probably what prompted you to make a massage appointment in the first place, chances are your circulation is compromised. Massage relaxes the tension, releasing the circulatory pathways and allowing that metabolic waste to dump into the system. Drinking provides your kidneys with the water they need to effectively eliminate the waste. So, once again, it comes back to pee.

Proper hydration is essential for all parts of your body. Drink up! Your muscles and skin will thank you. You will also have more energy. What are you waiting for? Go make a massage appointment.

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