Mommy I’m Thirsty

A deep sleep of a night. The little feet on hardwood floors. You know it is coming. In his sweet little 4-year old voice he says “mommy I’m thirsty.”

kate and nickIt was my 3rd day at work at Aquasana, and I was now in a complete panic. The news of Flint, lead poisoning and other contaminants in the water was all over the place; yet, we were still drinking water out of the tap.  My son, Nicholas and I live in a 75-year-old house. My water pipes are also 75 years old.  No major remodels, original water hook up from the city.

Not sure what took me so long get motivated and do something about it. Life and other priorities.

Here is what I learned and did about it:

In transit

The drinking water at the source may pass standards, and then can pick up harmful contaminants “in transit.” That from the source, through the city pipes, through your house and into your glass.

There is harmful “stuff” in treated water

Even treated water can contain heavy metals and environmental pollutants such as lead, mercury, pharmaceuticals, herbicides and pesticides. Yes, that is right – pharmaceuticals (ibuprofen, anti-depressants, birth control, blood pressure meds are not absorbed 100% by our bodies and well… it goes back into the water supply).

Not all filters are equal

For years I lived in big cities (Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas) and used a gravity pitcher. Little did I know they focused on taste – chlorine, odor, as well as few other harmful contaminants like zinc and mercury. Much more exists in our water. See point #2 above. Yes. I drank it for years thinking I was protected and I was not.

Fortunately I work for Aquasana. I took home a new test unit and promptly set it.

What can you do? Here is what I’ve learned, and recommend:

  • Look for an NSF certified watered filter system. You can go from simple plug and play counter top like a Powered Water Filtration System to one installed under your counter and connected to your sink.
  • Change your filters on-time. I know it costs money. Not only will you get clean delicious healthy water, you won’t be spending money on water bottles – good for you and the environment.
  • On the go. Either bottle your own or get an on the go filter bottle. Having a 4-year old boy and a black lab, I’ve seen first-hand what happens to a public water fountain. Consider a PBA free plastic or even better a glass bottle. Worried about breaking? They often come with a nice silicon sleeve.

The list Moms (and dads) can worry about is endless. Most days I keep my list under control (at least publicly!). The water your kids drink is one thing you can take care of today.


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