Summer Cold Remedy: Drink More Water

What is it about a summer cold that seems worse than a winter cold? I never see a summer cold coming. At first I blame allergies and then I realize it’s a dreaded summer cold.

Last week I was hit with a summer cold. Treating a summer cold isn’t much different than a cold any other time of year. Hydration and rest are the only sure-fire ways to chase the sniffles away. I’m a mom. I know what it takes. This time, I decided to honor that advice.

glass-bottlesI filled up my Aquasana glass water bottle with room temperature water (I prefer room temperature water) and then filled a humidifier with filtered water. I put both near my bed and made myself refill my bottle as soon as it was empty. After a few hours of resting and hydrating, I really did feel better. By the next day, I felt almost good as new. I stayed home from work for one day so I wouldn’t share my summer cold, and continued resting and hydrating. It was my shortest duration for a cold.

Next time you feel a cold coming on, grab a water bottle and follow my lead. I am not a doctor, but I promise you, this plan works.


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