Small Gifts With A Big Impact

Gifting glass water bottlesEach year we all get caught up in holiday gift buying. Even if we promise ourselves we will keep gift buying to a minimum. Regardless of the size of your list, we all want our gifts to be meaningful and well received.

The part of my list that I struggle with most is teacher gifts. These men and women are responsible for the most important part of my life and acknowledging the important role teachers play is hard to put into a gift. I also have three kids and a combined 17 teachers to buy for (yes, 17 teachers!) Last year my teacher gifts were so well received that I am repeating it this year and sharing my best gift idea with you.

I didn’t give candles, or baked goods, I gave a gift of good health. I gave Aquasana glass water bottles filled with things each teacher would like: coffee beans, jelly beans, or dried fruit depending on who was receiving the bottle. Teachers need water more than most- they are talking for most of the day and are in near constant motion. At Aquasana we think glass is king for bottles, offering better taste, better health quality.

In truth, I stole this idea from Aquasana’s CEO. This is a picture of his teacher gifts. Who wouldn’t want that! It’s both useful and affordable. Even if you give an empty bottle, it’s the gift that is literally everyone on your list can use.

Just consider us your healthy living elves. H2-Ho-Ho-Ho!


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