Taking the guess work out of replacement filters

In this New Year, many people resolve to live a healthier life and drink more water. Ok, maybe they don’t specifically resolve to drink more water, but water is the cornerstone of good health. The problem with resolutions is you lose motivation. We can’t help you get to the gym, but we can help you to live healthier with very little effort.

People often stop filtering their water because their water filter needs to be replaced. What if almost magically a new filter could arrive on your door step at the precise time that you need it? Well, with our Water For Life program you can have your very own water filter fairy godmother.

Not only do you get the convenience of not having to remember to buy a new filter, you will save money! Water For Life customers save 15% on the cost of filters and get free shipping! Plus, Water For Life customers get a lifetime system warranty for as long as you’re a Water For Life member. Enrollment to this healthy living club is free and easy- you can enroll online.

Consider us your excuse busters! It’s easy, saves you money and you’ll never need to take the time to order a filter ever again. What are you waiting for? Here’s the link: https://www.aquasana.com/replacement-water-filters. Sign up today!


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