Being Part Of The Solution For Those Living With Dangerous Water

At Aquasana, we are committed to making healthy water available for all. Recently we were approached to take part in a very meaningful partnership, halfway across the world. The Hong Kong Housing Authority, a governmental body set up to establish, develop and implement public housing in Hong Kong SAR, realized they had dangerous levels of lead in the tap water of some of their developments.

We know how dangerous lead is, especially to children. Lead is a highly toxic metal and when it enters the water system (usually through lead pipes) and it can cause a wide range of symptoms including vomiting, developmental delays, and even death.

Once the Hong Kong Housing Authority realized the problem, immediate action was taken. Aquasana was contacted via our Hong Kong-based distributor because our products are certified by the NSF for removal of heavy metals, such as lead, from water. The Hong Kong Housing Authority promptly had 25,000 Aquasana drinking water filtration systems installed to ensure that the water going to their residents was safe and healthy to drink.

Aquasana was honored to have played a small part in the remediation of this situation and we are looking forward to a continuing partnership with the Hong Kong Housing Authority should it have similar needs in the future.


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