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Doctors-audienceI handle the Public Relations for Aquasana. Most people have no idea what that means. It is my job to get news reporters, producers and bloggers interested in talking about, covering and creating a buzz about Aquasana’s products. I spend most of my days, emailing members of the news media and calling them to talk about the benefits of water filtration. Should be easy, right? Who doesn’t love healthy, delicious water?

I am a former news reporter and my dad worked for a water filtration company, so this is the perfect job for me. I truly love what I do and the products I “pitch”. I use them all and can speak to the benefits in my daily life. Every time Aquasana is featured in a news story, I am a proud stage mom. Recently, I had my career high. Aquasana was featured on a national stage, with millions of viewers watching my professional baby in the bright lights. The Aquasana Powered Water Filtration System was featured on The Doctors, a national daytime talk show hosted by a team of great looking doctors.

Bottle on the Paramount lotThe episode was taped a few weeks prior and I got to go to the taping. Walking around the Paramount Pictures lot was surreal. So many “stages” and a constant stream of activity. We walked into Stage 30 and watched and waited with tremendous excitement. Each of “the doctors” walked by (one was wearing slippers, all were even more attractive in person) and then the pre-show began. As the audience danced and got pumped up for the show to begin, I felt my heart race. “What if they say our name wrong…what if they change their mind… what if the audience doesn’t cheer wildly when they learn they are getting a Powered Water Filtration System to take home” were the questions racing through my mind.

Five segments later it was go-time, and it was perfect. Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Rachael Ross rocked it. They are doctors, they know water is important. The segment was informative, fun and over in three minutes. And yes, the audience cheered wildly when they learned they were getting a Powered Water Filtration System of their own.

After the show, we were walking to lunch when we saw audience members walking down the street carrying their Powered Water Filtration Systems like it was the “it” accessory of the year. Like a good paparazzi, I took a picture. How could I not? This was my big moment and I didn’t want to forget a single detail.

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