Aquasana responds to Colorado Mine disaster with a special offer to customers

We read a recent news article that made us realize we must do more to protect people from toxins beyond their control.  On August 5, a Colorado mine called the Gold King began leaking sending a yellow plume of chemicals into the Animas River, causing three states and the Navajo Nation to declare states of emergency. It will take many years and many millions of dollars simply to manage this spill and so far no one is addressing how to remove the toxic wastewater from an abandoned mine that unleashed a 100-mile-long torrent of heavy metals into the rivers.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates there are 500,000 abandoned mines nationwide, with cleanup costs estimated between $20 billion and $54 billion.

Under the federal Clean Water Act, the mine owner is supposed to control discharges, but Gold King’s landowner, Todd Hennis, is not considered legally responsible for the cleanup because the mine stopped operating in 1923, long before the modern era of environmental protection.

The reasons why mines are abandoned, or how the leak happened, don’t really matter if your drinking water is now polluted. The EPA announced Thursday that surface-water testing in Colorado revealed very high levels of lead, arsenic, cadmium and other heavy metals in the middle of the sickly yellow plume released on Aug. 5. These metals far exceeded government exposure limits for aquatic life and humans in the hours after the spill.

The Animas River, Aug. 6, 2015

Brent Lewis, The Denver Post

Water is essential to life.  That’s why we decided to offer our best filter for the job at the lowest price we can offer it.  The comprehensive contaminant removal technologies in our OptimH2o Water filter remove heavy metals from water, like cadmium lead and mercury, and filters out dissolved solids smaller than 1 micron like arsenic which is common in water following a mine accident and over 70 other potential contaminants. (See The Basics of Reverse Osmosis Filtration.) As our Chief Marketing Officer said “If my family had that water coming out of its taps, this is the system I’d use.” We will offer this system 50% off to anyone impacted by this mining leak. It’s the only way to ensure water quality and safety. If you have been impacted by this or any other mining leak, enter MINE50 on to get a Reverse Osmosis system for half the price.  It’s our way of helping during a disastrous time for our nation’s water.


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