Aquasana’s Filter Bottles on QVC

IMG_2325Aquasana’s new filter bottle recently made its on screen debut on QVC. We have had tremendous success on QVC with our Powered Water Filtration System, but we’ve never tried another product and had no idea what to expect. Was the at-home audience ready to invest in portable water filtration for on the go?

IMG_2323 To help illustrate how the bottle works, we brought along a piece of equipment we affectionately call “the rig”. Set up with three filter bottles filled with special chemicals to visually represent chlorine, lead and other contaminants such as bacteria and cysts.

The filter inside the bottle removes 99% of bacteria, lead, chlorine, and cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia, but those are invisible. When we turn “the rig” on, the colors used to represent these contaminates are removed before your eyes. It was a very effective tool for the QVC audience and the bottles sold to the tune of hundreds a minute.

We designed this for anyone who wants on-the-go filtration: athletes, business travelers, and busy parents. Simply fill the bottle with 22 ounces of tap water and drink. It is easy to use and actually works!

If you missed the chance to see the QVC airings you can still buy the bottle on, or online at The Aquasana filter is available in BPA-Free Tritan™ plastic and  bottles come with a colorful silicone sleeve to provide protection against breakage and a non-slip grip.

Plus, it boasts the longest-lasting filter on the market. The filter lasts for 80 gallons – the equivalent of 640 disposable plastic bottles. In an airport, or a theme park, or wherever your travels take you, you will literally never have to buy another bottle of water again.



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