Drink up with the Aquasana Power Water Filtration System

As featured at Examiner.com, Feb 24, 2016

Aquasana Power Water Filtration System

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Better water with the Aquasana Power Water Filtration System

Safe drinking water is something that everyone wants — but fears isn’t happening at the tap. That’s why bottled water sales skyrocket and all manners of “better” water systems have appeared for the home. Some of these are inconsequential (buying a sports bottle of water at the drugstore), some more costly (the advent of “designer” water) and some requiring a total reworking of the kitchen (buying a new refrigerator that has a water system built in — requiring a water outlet connection). So in looking for a solution, both price and sensibility must rule. For both these reasons the Aquasana Power Water Filtration System succeeds.

The Aquasana understands that kitchen space can be a priority not easily given up to appliances. So this pitcher filtration system is designed around a compact design the emulates the small “footprint” that computers now get recognition for. Put it just about anywhere, because it needs a wall outlet to work. Why that is will be explained in a moment, but given how the pitcher holds 16 cups of water, one will be pleasantly surprised as to just how little space is taken up. And the choice of two colors — black or white — practically guarantees its integration into the kitchen in an unobtrusive manner.

The Aquasana is designated as removing 10X more contaminants than other brands — but just read how much gunk there is to remove can make one’s head spin: there’s chlorine and chloramines to remove, cysts, mercury, lead and MTBE. Turbidity, volatile organic compounds and asbestos — all of these being filtered out at varying degrees but well past 90% for safety and drinking capabilities. Additionally, the filter is said by the company to be selectively filter Calryum, so as to retain the healthy, beneficial minerals other filtration systems remove.

The filters being used here are stated to provide for 8X the filtration per cost as compared to others, but the real issue most would agree is the waiting for the water to make its way through the filter and into the pitcher. Relying on gravity to do the job is OK, provided you’re in no rush, but what about needing the water right away? That’s where a different approach works best — being a powered filtration system as employed by the Aquasana. This takes care of moving the water through at a high speed so that waiting is not an issue. So instead of pouring in water and watching it drip, drip, drip through the filter, the Aquasana accelerates the process so that what could take multiples of minutes if not hours goes extremely fast. You pour in the water and activate the filter system and here comes the purified and eminently drinkable water.

And because the company doesn’t just expect you to never leave the house, they’ve an Active Filter Bottle to take care of when you’re on-the-go; it has its own filter for cleaning up the water that gets poured into it. This sports-type bottle has a rubberized netting that comes in a variety of colors and covers it so as to make for a good grip and some cushioned shock protection against it falling out of one’s hands. Considering that the filter will clear up 600 fillings (22 oz per), that’s both economical from a cost positing as well as being about as “green” as can be It retails for $29.99.

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Having read the above list of contaminants that are present in everyday drinking water, it’s not surprising that it can make you afraid to ever drink any unfiltered water again The Aquasana Power Water Filtration System does the job that’s needed but even more importantly, does it so quick as to obviate the excuse to not bother because “it takes too long.” That’s why paying $129.99 should be a no-brainer.


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