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10 tips for great photos from our in-house pro

first day 2015 When we aren’t thinking about water filtration or dreaming up new products, many of us at Aquasana are moms and dads.  That means this time of year we are thinking about back-to-school.  Of course we will send our children to school with bottles of Aquasana filtered water.

This week all of our “school-age-office-kids” go back to school.  Like millions of other parents, we will wipe our tears long enough to snap a few pictures. We are lucky enough to have a professional photographer on staff.  To help you capture the best images of your students, we asked Creative Director Joe Richmond for his advice. back2school_photo1 If you’ve seen our packaging, then you’ve seen Joe’s work. Joe is also a dad to three girls.  His youngest is going into first grade.  He’s taken dozens of “first day” pictures.  This is his top ten list for the perfect shot:

  1. Natural light is always best
  2. Don’t shoot into the sun.  That means the sun should be making your kids squint. Otherwise you won’t be able to see their faces
  3. Scan the background first- make sure the backdrop is free of distractions like tree branches or anything that will look like it’s coming out of your child’s head. The best backgrounds are far away, darker and out-of-focus. If you can, open your aperture setting (fStop) to the lowest number.
  4. If you can, add props like a sign or a chalk board with the words “first day of _” so you will remember the year the photo was taken
  5. Get younger kids’ attention by placing a stuffed animal on your camera. Or, wear a silly/colorful hat.
  6. Vivi first day For groups of kids, remind the older ones to keep looking and smiling at the camera. Many times, older kids in the group are trying to get the younger ones to smile — this can result with a great picture of the youngest while the rest are not looking into the camera.
  7. Don’t wait ‘till three. Tell them “I’m going to take your picture on 3.” Then right after 1, >CLICK< This is the best way to catch people with their eyes open!
  8. Take lots of shots. Trash the bad ones.
  9. Use the same spot each year, if possible. Or explore other locations like taking the picture near your child’s school or in front of a school bus.
  10. Plan ahead and don’t force it. The first day of school is so exciting. The night before, make sure your batteries are charged. Get up extra early so your photo shoot is not rushed. If your kids aren’t cooperating, consider taking the picture at the end of the day.
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