Having friends is so rewarding!

Two months ago we launched a loyalty program called Aquasana Healthy Rewards—you tell your friends about Aquasana, send them a link, they sign up, and we credit your account with $20* worth of points for each invited friend who makes a purchase. Whenever you launch a new program there is always the risk that no one will take part. In the words of the great Sally Field, YOU LIKE US. You really like us! Thousands of you have taken part in our new program, generating $30,000 in reward points.

Just as a reminder, at $20* a referral, you can earn enough points for a new water filter system in as few as three referrals. Or, if you are a saver, hang onto those points and redeem them for anything you’re eying on Aquasana.com. A new water filter, replacements, glass bottles, accessories, and limited edition reward items…. All you need is a lot of thirsty friends. Yes, this is a popularity contest and you can be the winner.

To claim your prize for being the most popular, simply put everything you want in your Aquasana.com cart, log in, and go to checkout. We’ll show you how many redeemable points you have, and with one click you can apply your points to your order. Are you a deal shopper? You can take advantage of any discount on the site and still redeem your points.

Having friends has its benefits. Find out for yourself: Aquasana Healthy Rewards.

*For more details on the Aquasana Healthy Rewards program, please review the Aquasana Healthy Rewards Terms and Conditions.


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