Aquasana offers a special discount to help those impacted by lead

At Aquasana one of the core principals we live and work by is everyone deserves healthy, clean water. That water should also be free of harmful contaminants like lead, chlorine, chloramines, herbicides, pesticides, industrial solvents, and mercury. Even in the U.S. this isn’t a given. Recently, doctors in Flint, Michigan discovered high levels of lead in children after the city of Flint switched its water source last April. Flint now draws water from Lake Huron after contract negotiations failed with the city of Detroit.

As a father, this is very unsettling to me and I knew we had to do something. The people of Flint just want safe and healthy drinking water. It’s not too much to ask. Lead poisoning can cause severe mental and physical impairment, and young children are most vulnerable to lead poisoning. Our products will take the lead and contaminants out of the drinking water and we want to give families in Flint, peace of mind.

To support the Flint community, Aquasana is offering a special 50% off discount. Interested customers can enter FLINT when purchasing products on That discount code will be available for 30 days, one per household please.

We think this is the least we can do to support this community in meeting an essential need for life.


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