Deals, Deal, and more Deal

Black Friday is all you hear about as soon as November begins. Predictions on sales. Talk of which retailers will be open and which ones will be closed. And it’s no longer just a single day event. Retails start running Black Friday specials weeks in advance. I get it.  It’s a huge money maker and the kick-off to the holiday sales season.

thanksgiving-1I head up online sales for Aquasana. I guess that makes me the head elf on Black Friday. The benefit of being an e-commerce company is I can work from home that day, in my fuzzy slippers (no, I don’t really have fuzzy slippers) and watch months of planning come together. We will be offering deals up to 50% off. No blockbusters, no incentives for early birds, just the best deals of the year. By the end of the day, BF will stand for Best Friend. I will help you with all of your gift needs and we don’t have to actually meet, nor do you have to fight for a parking spot.  Plus, everyone needs healthy water.  Mom, dad, your boss, it’s the gift of year-long health. Glass bottles make great stocking stuffers too.  Those will be a smoking deal.

Whether you wake up and decide to fill your entire gift lift at or you spend the day fighting traffic and crowds and then come to our site, just get here. The benefit of not having to see people face-to-face is if you are out of holiday spirit there is no small talk to make. Just get your great deals, check names off your list and call it a day.  A very hyped-up, expensive day for millions of people. Ahhh… happy holidays.


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