Generating a Buzz for Our Newest Product

filter bottle nyc

This is a picture from the Conde Nast building in New York City where many of your favorite magazines are based.

In a few weeks we will unveil our newest product, the Aquasana filter bottle. When you have a new product (and an awesome one at that) you need to build some excitement around it so the whole world knows it exists.  So, we brought our newest star on a six-stop media tour with editors at top national health, fitness and beauty magazines.  As the director of public relations, I talk casually with news editors and reporters every day. But this isn’t casual, this is a coming our party.  We flew from Austin, Texas to the big apple to spread the filtration-on-the-go-gospel. It’s a little intimidating the say the lease. You have just 15 minuets (and that’s if everything is running on time) to make an impression. This isn’t an easy crowd to impress- they see everything!

The editors loved the filter bottle! They asked great questions and seemed excited about having a filter bottle that actually works.  But, that doesn’t mean you will see any features in the hear future. Magazines work on a 6-9 months out timetable. That means you’ll have to wait until the spring to see our newest star gracing the glossy pages.


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