Hulking Out on Power

The Real Superhero of Water Filtration

Recently one of our competitors gave us a marketing gift. Brita launched a social media campaign calling out the biggest (in our opinion) flaw in their water filter. Gravity fed pitchers take a long time to filter water. green-pwfs-squareYou have to wait as water slowly drops over a carbon filter. If you are reading this, chances are you are the proud owner of one of our products. Our answer to Brita’s pitcher filter is industry-leading. We took a pitcher filter and gave it power, literally. Our Powered Water Filtration System has a motor to force water through the filter in seconds. The Powered Water Filtration system not only filters your water before your eyes, it also removes 10x the amount of contaminants as the Brita pitcher.

Brita’s campaign focuses on roommates who forget to refill the pitcher and features Lou Ferrigno, the actor who played The Incredible Hulk in a late 1970s television show by the same name. We love superheroes. More than most. Most of us are comic book nerds and don’t really try to hide that.

We decided to have a little in-office fun with this new campaign and craft some responses. These are some of our favorites:

Hulk Mad, Pitcher fill too slow.

Refill the pitcher!! And Wait…. And wait……and wait…….and wait…..well, you see where this is going.

Aquasana Powered water system. Dr. Banner approved!

Why HULK out over the slow filtration of a BRITA when you can use the FORCE like a Jedi with an Aquasana Powered Water filtration system?? Use the Force Luke, use the Force.

Angry Brita Pitcher exposed to gamma radiation = Aquasana Powered Water Filter

Hulk can get you to fill it, but Hulk can’t get the Brita to Filter at the speed of an Aquasana Powered System

Claryum Smart Filter confuse Hulk

Power the Pitcher, not the spokesperson

Skip the fantasy, get a pitcher with real superpowers

10 times stronger than Brita! Did I stutter?

Your Aquasana makes friends GREEN with envy

Get a water filter with super powers- Aquasana fills and filters in seconds

Normally we wouldn’t point out a competitors flaws, but being they hired a spokesperson and created an entire social media campaign around this flaw, we couldn’t resist having some fun. Now, go fill a glass of water in seconds and toast your good decision to buy an Aquasana filter.


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