Why Water Filtration is Important to Health

National news outlet, The Examiner.com, takes an in-depth look at why water filtration is important to health and quotes Aquasana CEO Todd Bartee:

We are very concerned about the quality of the water in the US and abroad. We often say, there are no new sources of water. The same sources of water that our ancestors drank from, we are still using only now they are increasingly polluted by environmental exposures such as agricultural run-off, herbicides, pesticides, industrial waste and pollution. Plus, every day pharmaceuticals enter our water systems through urination. It’s gross to think about, but it is reality. Simply put, all water is contaminated. Most city water treatment facilities were built decades ago and rely on harsh chemicals to treat the water you drink. It is considered ‘safe’ to drink, but not (in our opinion) healthy.

The Examiner.com


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