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  • Healthy Hydration

    Staying hydrated lets your body circulate blood more freely, allowing flu-and-cold-fighting white blood cells better fight off viruses. Drink Up to Prevent Colds and Flu

  • Water 101: Reverse Osmosis vs. Selective Filtration

    Although both are effective at removing contaminants, the filtration processes are different and there are things to know before making your final purchase. RO vs selective filtration

  • Massage and Hydration

    If you’ve ever gotten a massage, whether at a day spa, or an airport kiosk, chances are you were told to drink a lot of water after the massage. This is really important advice. Relaxation never tasted so good

  • How Much Water Should I Drink?

    Of course you’re aware that water is essential to life, but like most people, you’re probably wonder how much water you really need to drink each day. A Guide to Proper Hydration

  • High Performance Water for High Performance Athlete

    Danielle Hightower is in the top 15% of Cross Fit athletes in the world. To fuel her through her grueling workouts, she replenishes with water just as high-powered as she is — Aquasana. read more

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