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Celebrate Earth Day with us by viewing our list of amazing Earth Day events, why protecting the environment is important, and ways to get involved.

Leading water filtration brand partners with local hunger-relief nonprofit during Amplify Austin to celebrate National Nutrition Month.

10 healthy tips for achieving good nutrition include eating a variety of foods, drinking water, increasing your fiber intake, and reducing sugar consumption.

Reverse osmosis is extremely effective at removing impurities but that also includes minerals. Discover the best ways to remineralize your RO water.

At Aquasana, we are passionate about helping people get access to clean, fresh, healthy water. So we’re proud to have our products featured in 2023 on a variety of websites and publications highlighting best water filter products on the market.

An unusual odor coming from your water can make you question its safety. A foul smell could mean contaminants or the smell could just be a harmless nuisance. Here, we lay out the cause of the smell and what to do to resolve it.