6 Benefits of Washing Hair with Filtered Water

Washing your hair with filtered water can improve hair and scalp health, make strands easier to manage, extend color life, and more.

By: Maggie Irish

If you’ve been seeing dryness or breakage in your hair, this could be related to the quality of your water in your home. Contaminants like chlorine and excess minerals can be harmful to the integrity and appearance of your hair. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of using filtered water to improve your overall hair health.

Why is it bad to wash hair with unfiltered water?

Most public water systems use chemicals like chlorine to remove contaminants from their water. For those who may not know, chlorine is the chemical they use in pools to kill bacteria. It’s also the reason why your hair feels gross after swimming. While it may help to disinfect your water for drinking purposes, it isn’t good for your hair.

The strong oxidizing properties in chlorine strips the hair shafts of its natural oils and proteins that help keep it healthy. By washing with chlorinated water, you can cause additional breakage and dullness. Hard water can also expose your hair to high levels of mineral deposits, making it harder to manage and style. While you may think using the right products can prevent this, some contaminants can reduce the effects of your shampoo and conditioner, which means you’re washing money down the drain.

Is soft water good for your hair?

Hard water contains excess minerals that can make your hair difficult to manage and style while also damaging it, but the issue can be addressed with a water softener or conditioner. These systems help to remove or neutralize excess minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium so water is softer and more gentle on your hair. As a result, softer water puts less stress on your strands and helps make them softer, shinier, and easier to manage. Some water filtrations systems such as our Rhino® Whole House Water Filter can be bundled with a softener to address chlorine and hard water minerals.

6 Benefits of washing hair with filtered water

Washing your hair with filtered water, especially with filtered water that’s been softened or conditioned, can offer several benefits such as:

1. Reduce dryness and breakage

Unfiltered water exposes your hair to minerals and chemicals that take away your hair’s natural properties. Chemicals like chlorine use strong oxidation that strips the hair shaft of its protein and oils, leading to breakage. Using a filtered shower head reduces the dryness and breakage caused by chlorine, keeping your hair fuller and thicker.

2. Easier to manage

Contaminants in your water can make hair difficult to manage, resulting in tangles and hassle when styling. By switching to filtered water, you can lessen this struggle without having to invest additional time and money into your routine. Rather than putting money towards more products to help with manageability, consider putting that towards a filter to improve the quality of the water you wash with.

3. Improve scalp health

Side effects of chlorine on your hair include a dry and flaky scalp. Exposure to too much chlorine can lead to issues such as chronic dandruff. Mineral buildup on the scalp can also cause excess oil production, which can worsen scalp conditions such as dandruff. If you wash your hair at the end of the day, chlorine will be sitting on your hair and scalp overnight, creating even further damage. Using a shower filter reduces excess buildup and will improve your overall scalp health.

4. Improve the effectiveness of your hair products

Unfiltered water can also mess with the effectiveness of your hair care products. The buildup of mineral deposits on your hair can prevent your products from penetrating the hair shaft. Chlorine in unfiltered water will also dry out your hair, which means your hair is not getting any additional moisture from your conditioner, you are only getting back what you lost from the chlorine. Using filtered water helps your products to work better and give you the results you’re looking for.

5. Extend the life of your hair color

Since we know unfiltered water can impact your hair’s response to products, this also includes hair coloring. Hair coloring works by penetrating color into the hair cuticle and bonding to the hair cortex. Minerals and chlorine can build up on your hair over time and act as a barrier between the coloring product and the hair cortex, reducing the effectiveness of touch-ups. Furthermore, the unfiltered water can also cause hair color to fade faster and cause unevenness — leading to hair that looks dull and brassy. 

Filtered water helps protect your hair color by keeping your hair strands clean of buildup so the product fully penetrates. It also extends the life of your color protection products by reducing the properties that would typically break it down, keeping the color intact and long-lasting.

6. Will save you money

Improving the effectiveness of your hair products means you can also get by with using less for the same effect, which can save you money. You may find you can get by with using lesser amounts of products, or even scrapping extra products you added into your routine. Preventing breakage and extending your hair color will also mean fewer trips to the salon to remove split ends or coloring touch-ups. A water filter is a huge lifesaver for both your hair and your wallet.

Use the best water for washing your hair

Shower filters can help protect your hair from chlorinated tap water by filtering out the chlorine and reducing its presence in your water. Aquasana has a longstanding history with shower filters, as our company started out as a shower filtration company.

Our shower filters can reduce over 90% of the chlorine in your tap water. Unlike some competing products, our shower filters also back up claims with performance data sheets and third-party certifications. Our filtration media  technology is proven to reduce the harsh chlorine that can cause damage and excessive dryness. Individual shower filters are easy to install, require no permanent fixtures, and work for almost every shower type, with the option for a wand for an enhanced experience. If you’re looking for whole home protection, then consider our whole house water filters. They provide filtered water throughout your home and can be bundled with a water conditioner to address hard water.

With over 1,000 five-star customer reviews, and testimonials like “healthier hair” and “life-altering” benefits — you can be confident in your decision to go with an Aquasana water filter. Aquasana’s products are proven to support cleaner water and help to provide an overall healthier shower experience to help your hair look and feel its best.


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