Selenium is a naturally occurring metal that most often enters water supplies as discharge from petroleum refineries or mines and, more rarely, from erosion of natural deposits. Potential health effects of short-term exposure to Selenium include hair or fingernail changes, numbness in fingers or toes, fatigue, and irritability.  Long-term exposure can cause more serious effects like hair and fingernail loss, circulatory and nervous system damage, and damage to kidneys.


Simazine is a widely used herbicide that has been associated with endocrine disruption and cancer in experimental studies.


Styrene is a pollutant from plastics, rubber and other industrial chemical factories and from landfill leachate.

Contaminants You Should Know

  • Chromium

    The Erin Brockovich chemical, also known as Hexavalent Chromium... Chromium

  • Lead

    The aging water infrastructure leads to more lead in drinking water... Lead

  • Fluoride

    Fluoride can cause a wide-range of health effects both good and bad. Fluoride

  • Atrazine

    Atrazine, a popular herbicide is associated with adverse reproductive effects and toxicity to the immune system... Atrazine

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