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6 Gifts to Help People Drink More Water

Our guide to buying products to encourage healthy water drinking — no matter who you’re buying for.

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Gift Guide: Top 4 Shower Filters to Gift This Holiday Season

A shower filter mitigates chlorine and chloramines, giving you softer, shinier hair no matter the season.

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No Poo Methods for Washing Hair in Hard Water

Because hard water shouldn’t be hard on your hair.

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Is carbonated water, like sparkling water, seltzers, and club soda, bad or good for you? Learn about the benefits and possible side effects.

Interested in learning more about protecting the environment for Earth Day? Learn how eco-friendly water filters can reduce plastic waste and help the environment.

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Aquasana Teams With Marathon Kids to Help Children Stay Hydrated This National Nutrition Month

Aquasana water filters have been featured in dozens of 2021 “best of” lists. Use this as a guide for what to look for when buying the best water filter for your needs.

QualityWaterLab.com Gives Aquasana Top Spot for Best Whole House Filters