Make your entire home a healthy home.
Whether your water comes from a city or a well, instantly transform ordinary water into clean, extraordinary water.
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Available Upgrades
Add Salt-Free Water Conditioner
$1,440.00 +$720.00
Add UV Filter
$1,398.00 +$699.00
Add Pro-Grade Install Kit
$199.00 +$99.50

SALE PRICE $749.00 $1,498.00 MSRP

Clean, healthy water from every tap in your home. Reduces chlorine and more for up to 600,000 gallons or 6 years.
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Available Upgrades
Add Salt-Free Water Conditioner
$1,440.00 +$720.00
Add UV Filter
$1,398.00 +$699.00
Add Pro-Grade Install Kit
$199.00 +$99.50

SALE PRICE $949.00 $1,898.00 MSRP

High-performance water filtration system reduces chlorine and more from every tap for 1,000,000 gallons or 10 years.
Available Upgrades
Customize your system for the ultimate solution
Salt-Free water conditioner
Salt-Free Water Conditioner
Eco-friendly scale prevention for the entire home without the use of harsh chemicals or salt.
UV Filter
UV Filter
Removes 99.99% of bacteria and viruses for safe, worry-free water throughout your entire home.
Pro-Grade Install Kit
Pro-Grade Install Kit
Available for Rhino® systems, this kit includes even more durable components and a bypass loop for easier filter replacements.
Complete Solutions
Tested and certified to reduce lead, cysts, and PFOA/PFOS, plus tackles chlorine and chloramines.
SALE PRICE $1,799.00 $3,598.00 MSRP

Tested and certified to reduce lead, cysts, and PFOA/PFOS, plus tackles chlorine and chloramines.
High-performance water filtration system reduces chlorine and more from every tap for 1,000,000 gallons or 10 years.
SALE PRICE $2,467.50 $4,935.00 MSRP

High-performance water filtration system reduces chlorine and more from every tap for 1,000,000 gallons or 10 years.
Clean, healthy water throughout your home.
Whether you’re washing vegetables or enjoying a post-workout shower, protect your whole home from contaminants.
Enjoy healthy, great-tasting, and odor-free water from every tap.
Aquasana-filtered water won’t turn you into an instant chef, but it might leave friends wondering about your best-kept secret.
Bathe yourself in filtered water for noticeably healthier, more moisturized skin and hair.
Chlorine can make clothes look older faster. Save your closet (and wallet) with filtered water.
Protect your plumbing from scale buildup. Filtration extends the life of your washing machine, water heater, dishwasher and more.
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Don't just take our word for it
We love that finally we have a source of water we can trust. The system is working superbly, as we hoped. The water we wash ourselves with feels cleaner than anything we have experienced, and no chlorine odors in the air. We don't have to run the water to rinse any residual lead in the morning. Our clothes wash cleaner, and rinse free of any soaps.
Amazing difference with whole house filtration system. You can drink water from the tap, it tastes great. Yellow water is now crystal clear, cleaner clothes and toilets.
Before installing my Aquasana the chlorine taste of my water made it undrinkable. I now have clean safe water without the smell and taste of chlorine.
Before installing Aquasana, our well water was brown, smelled, and left a nasty brown film on everything and was staining our sinks and tubs in our new house. Now we have clear water and are very happy with the results. Had a plumber install it for us. Customer service was wonderful and very helpful. I highly recommend calling and talking to a representative.
We love our new filter system. Got rid of the smell from the well water and is crystal clear. Had it installed by a plumber to make sure the warranty is valid and I only have to worry about changing filter from here on.
We're on a well in the mountains of western N.C. Water was hard and had sulfur smell quite often. We immediately noticed the improvement with the Aquasana Rhino system. No odor, great taste and lathering up for a bath is great! We couldn't be more pleased!
Has made a world of a difference. Our water is great now. Really makes our clothes cleaner. Soap and shampoo in the shower work better. Easily one of the best purchases I have ever made.
We purchased for our new home. Had the system installed the day after we moved in. I do not want anything in my water and this system was recommended by my doctor. I wanted to make certain that my water was pure, so after two months I sent in samples to a lab. Results were exactly as expected! 100% of the contaminants were either below the minimum detection level or not detected at all. I can now be certain that I have clean water throughout my house. It is wonderful to be able to drink from any faucet in the house! Recommend without any reservations!
The system was easy to install, filters are very easy to replace. I would consider the system maintenance free it is that easy to maintain. The water that comes out of any faucet in the house is crystal clear with no smell and no residue. We have a lot of sulfur in the water here and the whole house filter removes it all.
Water looks great and tastes good. System really works.
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Whole House Filters for Clean, Healthy Water from Every Tap

Aquasana's whole house water filter systems are a whole home solution designed to reduce harmful contaminants from every water source in your family's home. Whether you use city or well water, we have a home water filtration system that will fulfill your needs. We offer Rhino® 600,000 Gallons and Rhino® 1,000,000 Gallons whole house water filter systems for city water, designed to last 6 years and 10 years, respectively. Our Rhino® Well Water with UV whole house water filter system is made for private well water, and is designed to last 5 years.

Our whole home water filtration systems are easy to maintain over time, and come with a sediment pre-filter that catches rust, silt, and other sediment present in your water. The water then goes through two filters: an activated carbon filter and a copper-zinc mineral stone filter designed to reduce chemical compounds like pesticides and water-soluble heavy metals, respectively.

The Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter System

When you invest in a whole house water filter system you get healthier water flowing from every tap of your home, which means cleaner water for cooking, doing laundry, bathing, drinking, and more. Our Rhino® 600,000 Gallons home water filtration system is NSF tested and certified to reduce up to 97% of chlorine, and all of our whole house water filtration systems have been tested to reduce harmful contaminants from your drinking water. Here are some of the benefits of an Aquasana whole home water filter systems:

  • Reduce contaminants in your water
  • Get healthier skin and hair
  • Improve the flavor and quality of your food and drinks
  • Provide healthier water for your pets and plants
  • Improve indoor air quality from reduced contaminants in the water

Upgrade Your Whole House Water Filtration System

You can upgrade your Aquasana whole house water filter system by adding a Salt-Free Water Conditioner for scale prevention free of harsh chemicals or salt, or add a UV Filter upgrade for bacteria and virus protection. Our Pro-Grade Install Kit offers upgraded brass fittings that make your home water filtration system easier to install and maintain, a larger Pre-Filter, and a Post-Filter that catches any remaining sediment or carbon fines that may have passed through filtration. For added protection, combine a whole house water filter system with a drinking water system.

Choosing a whole house water filter system for your home is an important decision to make for you and your family. If you have questions about the home water filter system installation process or which filter system is right for you, call us at 866-662-6885.