Powered Water Filtration - as seen on TV
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  • Fast
  • Pure
  • Delicious

Filtration never before available in a pitcher.

It’s fast! Filters in just seconds so you get clean, filtered water instantly.

It’s pure*! High powered selective filtration technology - engineered for purity.

It’s delicious! Selectively retains healthy, beneficial minerals other filters remove.

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Stop waiting for slow drip pitcher filters

The Aquasana Powered
Water Filtration System
filters in just seconds so you
get delicious, clean, filtered
water – fast.


Powered filtration

leading filter

Relies on gravity


The only pitcher to reduce chloramines

The only pitcher filter on the
market to remove 96% of chlorine
and chloramines! what are chloramines?

Independently tested and proven to reduce:

  • Heavy metals like lead and mercury
  • Chlorine resistant cysts like giardia and cryptosporidium
  • Organic chemicals like herbicides, pesticides and VOC's

For a complete list of contaminants reduced please see our Performance Data Sheet.

leading pitcher

Reduces 5


Reduces 60


the purest* water you’ve ever tasted

Naturally occurring minerals in your water like Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium are retained by our selective Claryum filtration, leaving you with healthier, delicious water!


Powered Filtration = Better Filtration
  • Unfiltered
  • Powered
  • Claryum™
    Smart Filter
  • Aquasana
    Filtered Water
Claryum Smart Filter Unfiltered Water Powered Filtration Aquasana Filtered Water


clean water. lean design.

The Aquasana Filtration Dock fits any size kitchen:

The slender 8-cup (1/2 gallon) pitcher easily fits in your fridge door.

The system features a slim profile to maximize counter space.

The 16-cup dispenser provides on-demand filtered water at the touch of a button.

Convenience & Value

Fewer filter replacements. More clean, great-tasting water.

Aquasana Claryum™ filters give you

8x the capacity

320 -vs- 40 gallons

Half the price

9.4¢ -vs- 20¢ per gallon †

† Based on ongoing cost of filter replacement price and filter capacity compared to the leading drip pitcher filter.

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pitcher system
Filtration Dock
8-Cup Pitcher
Claryum™ Smart Filter
dispenser system
Filtration Dock
16-Cup Dispenser
Claryum™ Smart Filter
*Filter does not remove all contaminants. Please see Performance Data Sheet for a comprehensive list of contaminants removed.


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