Tank Connector

Usually part of an installation kit for a point of use filtration system, the tank connector is a small plastic fitting that connects the Water Storage Tank to the System Manifold. It is tightened onto the Tank Nipple, then connected to the manifold through a hose connection.

Tank Nipple

Usually part of an installation kit for a point of use filtration system, the tank nipple is an L-shaped part that screws onto the Water Storage Tank and acts as a valve through which water from the tank passes to the system manifold via the Tank Connector and hose connection.

TDS Meter

A TDS meter detects the amount of Total Dissolved Solids in a solution. Using electrical conductivity, the meter estimates the volume measure of ionized solids.  This does not detect contaminant or chlorine removal.  TDS levels may not change significantly with a drinking water filter the way it would with a water softener or a descaler.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

A measurement which refers to the combined total amount of both inorganic and organic substances dissolved in water. These solids include salts such as magnesium, bicarbonates, and chlorides as well as organic material. A high level of TDS can affect the taste and condition of your water.


Water is toxic when it contains poisonous material. Deadly, dangerous, harmful, injurious – could cause serious injury.


Also called a tidal wave, a tsunami is a large ocean wave caused by a sea-quake of underwater volcanic eruption.


Turbidity is caused by large numbers of individual particles too small to immediately settle in water – typically seen visually as hazy or foggy water.


When a cyclone or hurricane occurs in the western Pacific or China seas, it is called a typhoon.

Tyrone B. Hayes

American biologist and Berkley professor Tyrone B. Hayes has continuously sought to raise awareness about the potential dangers of the herbicide Atrazine. According to Hayes’ research, small doses of Atrazine were found to cause adult male frogs to change their sex. He has reported being discredited by Syngenta, who sells Atrazine.

Terms You Should Know

  • Raw Water

    When water is called “raw” it is untreated – simply meaning no removal of contaminants, bacteria, parasites, etc.  A common new trend in the US, drinking raw water... Raw Water

  • Algal Bloom

    When an algae population grows rapidly, causing the water to be discolored, it is called an algal bloom. Some algal blooms produce toxins, while non-toxic blooms can be just... Algal Bloom

  • NSF International

    NSF International is actually not an abbreviation, but a stand-alone term. While NSF used to stand for National Sanitation Foundation, it was officially changed to... NSF International

  • Point Of Use Filter

    A point of use, or POU, filter purifies water at the point where water is actually used. Whether at your kitchen faucet, a refrigerator dispenser, or your shower head, a... Point Of Use Filter

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