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If there is one question our sales team gets more than any other it’s “how do I know which filter to buy?” Sometimes that’s an easy answer. If you know you get city drinking water that’s been treated, chances are an under-counter or counter top system will meet your needs. If you live in a rural area or get well water, the answer is a bit more complicated. If we don’t know from just looking at your zip code, or by checking water reports for your area, we will send you a water testing kit. We rebate back the cost of a test kit when you purchase a product from us to make the entire process as efficient as possible.

What’s inside Aquasana’s water sample kit?

National Testing Laboratories

City-check testing package from NLT

Aquasana has partnered with an outside laboratory who sends the testing kits and tests the water. The kits are made by National Testing Laboratories and look like a mini science lab in a box. NLT’s City-check testing kit comes with four 60ml vials, two 40 ml vials, a 500 ml tall plastic bottle, and a 125 ml glass bottle, testing strips, collection cups, a gel ice pack to keep your water sample cold during its trip from your house to the testing lab, and detailed instructions to help you understand and accurately complete the water collection process.

When will I know the results of my water sample?

We recommend you send the water sample by 2nd day delivery – we will provide you with a shipping label. Once received by National Testing Laboratories, samples take 10-15 days for processing. Once processed, you will get an email with your water report and your Aquasana representative will review it with you over the phone to ensure that you get the system that will best meet your needs

What is the lab testing for in my water?

National Testing Laboratories tests city water for the most common contaminants found in drinking water including chlorine, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, inorganic chemicals and volatile organic compounds.

It tests well water for bacteria (Total Coliform and E-Coli), 22 heavy metals and minerals (including lead, arsenic and mercury), 7 inorganic chemicals (including nitrates and chloride) and 5 physical factors that include pH, alkalinity and hardness

Home Water Kit #1

Hope2o Home Water Kit for consumers

Other companies make water testing kits, including HOPE2o. The Home Water Kit #1 from HOPE2O is much smaller than the National Testing Laboratories kit. It comes with plastic gloves, two small vials for collection, a hemp bracelet to show your support for clean water, and instructions.

We don’t mind if you use a testing company of your choosing. We simply want you to have the right filter for the job and that requires knowing what contaminates are in your water. If you want to order a water testing kit from Aquasana, please call our customer service hotline 866.662.6885 and hit the option for sales (number 2), then the option for whole house inquiries (number 3).

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